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You don't know who we are, do you? Well, my name's Leo, and I've lived in New York all of my life. I'd never leave this place. It's just so's a city with its own pulse.

Me at work

I'm a photographer who can barely afford a roll of film at 25 years of age. Sad, isn't it? Oh well. I make do with what I've got, because that's the only way to get by here. I take pictures of the homeless, and some of the horrible conditions here; I guess I'm a modern-day realist. I want people to know what's out there, what's happening in the world they live in, whether it be good or bad. Right now, it's heading down the pipes.

Some hobbies of mine are reading (yes, I'm a bookworm), writing (though I'd never show a soul; poetry's private), and dancing (simply because I'm one of the rare specimen of the male gender that happens to be good at it, and relatively enjoy it). I play the violin and the cello, although I'm still paying for them, but I've never written anything on my own, and I never plan to. Leave that to Roger, who happens to be very good at it.

And I'm Kari, short for Karina. My family moved to New York when I was seven, been here ever since. I don't know what makes this place come alive, but it's just that and energetic.

Can you say...boring?

During the day, I work on a novel that always ends up being our means for a fire. In other words, I send the finish my written material to the publishers, they can it and tell me to write it over again and put more feeling into it. What a life of a writer. By night, I'm a dancer alongside Mimi. Although I'm new to that, Mimi's teaching me well. When I have days off from dancing, I can be seen at my computer trying to meet my book's deadline, and usually don't get any sleep because of it.

Hobbies? What do you mean by that? I have no hobbies at all, although I have become somewhat of a junk food junkie if you would call that a hobby. Don't own anything except a professional artists paint set that has never been taken out of the box because, for one, I don't paint, never will. I like music (musicals to pass the time that I'm writing). I own a dog, cat, and fish, but the landlord made me get rid of them, so they're with my parents at their house until we can find a better place to live. I have to go now and work on my book......

Have fun looking around! ~Leo and Kari~

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