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1. To join the BWA you must be and original character. You may have the same gimmick as a real wrestler but you can not copy straight off their sayings. It would be a lot better if you make your own sayings up.

2. On your sample RP it must be at least 20 lines or you will be on probation for the first week. During that probation if you do not RP that well you will be immediatly fired, no questions asked.

1. Roleplay's must be at least 15 lines or they will not count for your match. I would like more but that would be enough.

2. You are not allowed to advertise on the roleplay board or any other of the boards in the BWA. You may advertise on the links page if you ask me. I will put your banner on my links page if you put mine on your page. That is the only way.

3. All roleplays are due at 6:00 on the night of the event. All others after that will not count towards your match. The results will be posted between 6:30 and 7:00 on the night of the event. The only way that will not happen is if I have stuff to do offline.

4. Be creative on your roleplays. You will be graded on you quality not your quanity. Make them good. For extra quality points add pictures to your rp's, music, sound, colors will help a lot.

1. Matches will be decided on the following. The way I decide who wins.

I. Quality-How good you put everything to gether and not over do it. What kind of pics and other stuff you have in your roleplay.

II. Angle-The angle I currently have you in. It will only be used to decide the match if the quality is absolutely even. You may im me at any time to ask me if you are in any angles as of yet. My im is BiggDogg6900.

III. Quanity-This will never be used unless you both are not in angles and you both have a great quality roleplay that is absolutely even. This will rarely happen.

Injuries Or Going Out Of Town
1. If you are going out of town please click on Take A Break an fill out the form and please specify what type of injury would be best for how long you will be gone. If you are only going to be gone for a week don't say you get a broken arm or something. That would not make sense. But internal injuries could keep you out for a week or so. The only reason I am asking you to so this is so that I do not put you into any matches during the time you are gone. I wouldn't want you to lose a title that you will not be able to defend.

2. All injuries willbe posted on the Injury List. So if you are challenging somebody and they have not yet answered, please check the injury list before you say that they are scared of you. That is not the reason.

Swearing and Complaining
1. If you are roleplaying in character you are allowed to swear if that is part of his character. I don't care about that.

2. I do not want you complaining about you losing and you thinking you should have won. The reason you probably lost is because you either did not out quality your opponent or you both were the same and your angle says that you should lose. Because if you lose because of an angle you should be good because your angle might help you at a later time. So don't complain.

1. World Title-If you have this title in your hands you must defend it at every PPV and at least one other event a week and any other time you want. Because you are the best of the best.

2. Intercontinental Title-If you hold this title you will have to defen at every PPV and at least 2 other events during the month and any othe time you want to.

3. European Title-If you hold this title you must defend at every PPV and all other events. You may not back down from anyone's challenge.

4. Tag Team Titles-If you and your partner hold this title you must defend at every event unles one of your teamates are defending a single title and once a week no matter what and when ever you want to.

5. Hardcore Title-This title must be defended whenever someone chalenge's for it. You will not be able to back down from a challenge. If no one challenge's you I will apoint at least 2 title matches for your title every month. And I might at a later time make this title 24/7 where you will have to fill out a form to try to jump the champ for the title. I will decide if they lose it or not.

6. Television Title-You must defend this at every event when someone challenges for it. This title must be defended 1 every week and every PPV.

7. Triple-Threat Title-This title will be defended 1 time a week and it will be defended in a triple-threat match every time. This is a new title I am intruoducing.

Front Office
1. Prez-Cactus is the prezof the BWA. I will write all the results and decide all the winnners for all the matches. I will also help the VP with the angles.

2. Vice Prez-Stang is the VP of the BWA. He will have most of the say in the angles and help with the results if I ask him to. He will also help in making the matches with me and the commish.

3. Commish-Foley is the commish of the BWA. He will apoint matches if the signed matches are low. I will also helphim with this task.

1. If you think you should interfere in a match to help you get in an angle there is a Interfere or Sneak Attack form in the Members section. That is where you will fill out the form and I will look it over and decide.

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