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Southwestern Wharf District Map

A. Black areas of the map are roadways, usually paved with flagstones or cobbles. Grey areas are walls. Blue areas are water.
Please ignore the abnormally large black bands to either side of the map. If you look closely at the bottom of the map, you can see where the water is cut off at each side. This is the actual edge of the map. For some reason the map I uploaded will not translate in the dimensions I had proscribed for it, but I consider this a minor inconvienience.
If you are inclined, download the map into your basic Paint program, and I will then be able to give you cursor positions on this map which are accurate to 3 square feet,(the size of the spaces when show grid is displayed). If you are not so inclined,(understandable) you can still get a relatively good idea of where you are from the layout of the map.
B. 100 Businesses and other classifications of building.
Each building is designated by it's ground-floor business type, and each will most likely have apartments in the four or five floors above the ground floor(most notable exceptions being Warehouses and other obvious unlikely possible businesses).
Some supply access to their businesses exclusively for Avariel,(Y'dren) on their top floor, or their roof-top, which are do not allow Lesser Races to trade there.
2. Alchemist
3. Animal Trainer
4. Antique dealer
5. Appellate Court
6. Armorer
7. Armory (Militia)
8. Art Dealer
9. Auction House
10. Bakery
11. Blacksmith
12. Boat Shop
13. Bootery
15. Brewery
16. Brothel
17. Butcher
18. Cabinet Maker
19. Candy Shop
20. Candlemaker
21. Carpenter
22. Carpet Maker
23. Cartographer
24. Chandler
25. Charcoal Maker
26. Clothier
27. Cobbler
28. College
29. Coopers Shop (barrel maker)
30. Council Hall
31. Cutler
32. Dormitory
33. Dyer
34. Emporium
35. Executioners Block
36. Fabric Merchant
37. Fishmonger
38. Furrier
39. Gambling House
40. Gatehouse
41. Glazier (glass window)
42. Glassblower
43. Gold Smith
44. Granary
45. Guild Hall
46. Herbalist
47. Inn
48. Jeweler
49. Kennel
50. Lamp Merchant
51. Leather Worker
52. Lightermen
53. Limner
54. Lumberyard
55. Market Square
56. Mill
57. Money Changer
58. Music Shop
59. Orphanage
60. Palmist
61. Park
62. Pawn Brokerage
63. Perfume Chemist
64. Permit Office
65. Potter
66. Prison
67. Prison=Local Guard
68. Pub
69. Residence
70. Rooming house
71. Rope Maker
72. Sail Maker
73. Salt Merchant
74. School
75. Scribe
76. Sculptor
77. Seamstress
78. Slaughterhouse
79. Soup Kitchen
80. Smoke House
81. Spice Merchant
82. Stable (Public/military)
83. Stocks
84. Tack
86. Tar Maker
87. Tavern
88. Teamsters
89. Temple
90. Thatcher
91. Theater
92. Tomb or Cemetery
93. Tower (Observation, abandoned, or Guard post)
94. Wane wright
95. Warehouse
96. Weaver
97. Well
98. Wheelwright
99. Wine Shop
100. Zoo and/or Coliseum
2. Population density; Population in Guada = 541,842
A. 480 yds x 480 yds per city “block”
B. Roughly 100 buildings per block, give or take about 10.
C. 5 story buildings are the norm.
1. Most buildings will be business/residential.
D. Approximately 28,000 people per block. 3. Some Guild types by name present in Guada;
Craftsman’s Guild
Lenders Guild
Mercenaries Guild
Thieves Guild
Import/Export Guild
Masons Guild
Teamsters/Lightermens Guild