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as of 7-20-02

I've been working on adding some information here and there to the site. A little in the Lexicon, some in the Roster, and in the House Rules section. Also, I've been working on a toolbar for the site in an effort to move away from frames. I finally found a javascript which is both fast and stable, plus cross browser funtional. I am working on linking it up with the whole site so that it appears on the top of all tyhe pages of the site. It should be available in a few weeks or less.

as of 7-6-02

I've been altering the entrance to the site. Added a nice little modified javascript which pans a moon across with a bunch of links in tow. Also added the new Theology section. I have a lot of time on my hands now to devote to upgrading the site so updates here will likely be frequent to the point of being immpossible to log here. as of 11-4-01

I've added a new page concerned with weights, measures, and the specific properties of many common metals. I plan to add information on some mythic metals to this chart. If you see any weights or measures of unusual type and you'd like to see them added let me know.
I've been slowly working on creating some basic information on each of the Worlds in the Yhrniia system, such as the average temperatures, the type of planetary body it represents, etc. As time goes on and adventurers attempt to visit these places, of course the information will increase and become more specific.

as of 10-22-01

Well, as you can see I've added the constellations, the planets, and some pictures of Ossval and her Moons. Also a new entrance page and the beginning of a no frames navigation system.
I've also created a new script which weds an on-same-page hyperlink table of contents with an imagelink, so that the image becomes the index for the table of contents:) I've never seen one before so I think I may have just invented something completely original this weekend:) You'll find a working example of it in the Planets section.
I've added an Introduction page to the site because I may be expecting visitors. I am on the verge of considering advertising the site on a few webrings. I've always thought that having enough content on the site to offer to the public at large might be a worthy goal. I was trying to open a new campaign thread this weekend but I changed my mind. That can wait.

as of 7-25-01

I have spent the majority of my online time since April working on the next campaign thread. I am happy to report that as of July 5th, I hit the halfway point. Of the 3,300+ webpages I need to create as a framework to support this new campaign over half were finished and I kept on clicking along to make the occassion stick.
And now for some better news than that:> As of right now,(tonight) I have created over 2,277 pages. The end is in site:> After the framework is complete, I'll need to go back through and add text, links, etc, but at least the hardest work will be finished in less than two weeks by my calculations and expectations.
Now the bad news... I anticipate that anyone who hopes to join this new campaign thread is going to have to download Internet Explorer 5.5 and use it to game with. I will be utilizing some javascripts which are only supported by this browser. Sorry Mac's and Netscapers, but IE 5.5's functionality won out. There was too much I could do with it.

as of 4-19-01

The overhaul is complete. If you see any typos, message me through Macrays.
I installed a Remote Control javascript for the Warroom which combines the Mass Combat Calculator and the Dice Roller.
I made the Lexicon searchable. Now you can type in the name of someone or someplace you're curious about, and it will jump you there.
I've added some color to the scrollbars. Unfortunately for some of you, unless you are using Internet Explorer 5.5, you won't be able to see any difference. The change is merely esthetic, so you aren't missing anything vital.

as of 3-18-01

I have been steadily preparing to perform a major overhaul of the site. Today I spent the entire afternoon adjusting settings for each individual page so that they are uniform in their presentation. I also added about 5 kilobites of information to the Lexicon.

as of 12-11-00

I have added the names of the Southren Isles of the Gameloch Archipeligo to the Geography section.
I have made the addition of a list of Knights and Barons subservient to Duke Onisyhbael of Norendel.

as of 12-10-00

Well, a lot of work has gone into the site since the last noted update. So much so that i've not had time to update the updates section:) Well, here are some of the high-lights...
I've restructured the entire site to include image-based links. Images in general are also used for backgrounds on most pages. It makes the pages load a little slower the first time you visit them, but after you have a temporary file of them built up, they load much more quickly. For the pages which i consider to be active working pages where time is of the essense, I've left the background black to speed the page loading experience.
On the above note, I've made the Map of Acrius itself a Usemap, so that cursor positions on the map genuinely reflect those described below it. This does away with the neccessity of downloading the map and referencing it through a Paintbrush program, though you are still welcome to do so if you find this more convienient. I will be doing this with some of the future maps I plan to add to the site.
I have taken the site from a three-section frameset structure back down to a two-section frameset structure. This was done because the third frame was unneccessary and slowed the load time of the sites pages.
I've made some extensive additions to the Lexicon. I will be adding more names and terms as time allows.
You'll find that I have divided the Warroom into a more readily usable sectioned format. The calculator is now in a separate window so that it might be used more easily in conjunction with the mass combat chart itself. When calculating a battle during a recent live gaming session, I found myself running back and forth from the top of the page back down to the bottom. Now I'll be able to open both windows at once and cross reference them to each other with a click of a button.
I've added two new rules to the House Rules section of the Options page. One concerns the use of Martial Arts and the other is to do with who actually makes or does not make certain Skill Rolls and why.

as of 6-4-00

I have provided a list of Acriun Laws and Punishments under the link of the heading,"Acriun Law".
As some of you will have already noticed, I have also rewritten the introduction for the website to facilitate recognition of the new campaign.
Being very productive today, I have added a link to Character Sheet Creation, and my requirements for them. Please, check it out.
Busy, busy day:) I have added a map key to the Map of Acrius page. All other additions to or updates of the page will be done through text alone from this point on.
I have added a link to the Royal Houses of Acrius. Now you can get a bit of information on each of the rulers of the member Kingdoms of Acrius, and their supposed general attitude towards the Emperor.

as of 5-31-00

I have added a Mass Combat Calculator javascript,(my first design) to the Warroom. By adding pertinent information in the text areas provided you can calculate the number of casualties inflicted according to the rules set forth on the table of the same page.


I have added an interesting/annoying javascript to the party roster section. You may or may not enjoy it:)

I have added a map of Acrius, and it can be found in the links section at left. If you ever lose the one which you have been given, or if you are a newcomer to the campaign, you can right click on this image and then "save picture" as a bmp.
bmp files are accessed through your Paintbrush program,(a basic feature of all Windows operating systems found in your Accessories).
I will be posting a list of cursor positions which you will use to reference locations on this map on the same page as the image.

as of 5-19-00

I have added a table of contents to Caedis House Rules, as well as adding some depth to some of the rules therein. In particular the rules on attacking invisible creatures with missile weapons has been amended.
I have added a tenth section to the House Rules concerning the acquisition of additional followers at higher levels. Credit goes to Ryan Burke for this rule.
The solstices and equinoxes have been marked on the Lunar Phase Table with an *.

as of 5-9-00

I have added a table which describes the phases of the three moons of Acrius for each day of the year. The link to it is labeled,"Lunar Phases". If you care to see what makes a large table tick, click view source on this monster. There are six and a half pages of html involved in the creation of this thing:)

I have added a link to GRC.COM. It will provide you all with easy access to probing:) Hope you like that sort of thing. It gives me piece of mind. I know what you're thinking.....

as of 6-1-00

I have just finished writing a javascript of my own which calculates Mass Combat, according to the rules of the table I created. Four input sections of a form are all that is needed to calculate the number of casualties inflicted on even your mightiest foes.

as of 4-19-00

I have added a new gif to the Warroom in an attempt to brighten the site up a bit.

as of 4-15-00

I have restructured the site and cleaned up all of the links.
I have added some House Rules concerning firing upon invisible targets.
I also added a new gif to the entrance page, and buttonized it.

as of 4-12-00

I will be updating your present date and time prior to game-time so that you know "when" you are.
I have added a party roster link at left so that you will know who you are gaming with.

as of 4-8-00

I have added this updates section, and rearranged the site to make the "Courtyard" load faster.
I've moved the links for other useful sites to their own page, under the typical heading,"Links".
I have added some more details to the House Rules concerning "Kits" and weapon specialization.

as of 4-7-00

I have added some further clarification to Spellcasters in Mass Combat in the Warroom, as well as cleaning up the page itself.

I have added links to ICQ and MiRC, in case anybody needs them.

as of 4-5-00

I have added a Link to the Non-Weapon Proficiencies Database, and a note concerning them in "House Rules".
I have cleaned up the Bladesongs and they are fully ready for play-testing.
I have made some amendments to the Mass Combat Rules specifically concerning movement and it's effects on combat.
I have skimmed the site looking for typos:) If you see any I would appreciate it if you let me know:)

as of 12-17-99

I began to create this site. Mainly, at the time, I knew almost nothing about html or site creation. I just needed a place where I could post a map and everyone could download it. Then we needed a chatroom to live-game in so I found a few and we used them as best they would work.
As time went by I added the beginnings of each of the different pages which still exist here today. The art and the navigation have changed but essentially, everything here now is a logical extension of everything which was here a few months after I created the site.
As I added things to the site, I found more and better ways to make use of it. I began to really enjoy learning html and javascript and I looked for solutions through them to make a more easily navigated site.
Eventually as you can see above, I decided that I would begin to subtley advertise this site in large forums. I intend not to billboard the place rudely, or to intrude on anyones turf for the sole sake of spam, but rather to make my personal presence known in well populated places and let curiousity do the rest for people...