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Acriun Gods

Imoel (Greater God)
The Lord of Chance; Keeper of the Crossroads of Fate

Symbol: Four grey roads leading away in cardinal directions on an emerald plane under a powder blue sky

Alignment: Chaotic (Followers may be any alignment except Lawful)

Area of Control: Chance, Change, Fate, and Free Will

Favored Weapon:Any or None

Pronounced:Imoel (Eye-Mo-'L')

Enigmatic, capricious, and strange beyond bizzare, Imoel is praised by the weak and hopeful, cursed by the powerful and organized, and feared by those who resist the cause of Freedom. As the primary representative of Change when a Crux of Possibilities approaches the Here-And-Now Imoel will send his Mortal Champions to make decisive manipulations of Chance.
The Champions of Imoel are called,'The Fingers of Fate'. They appear as anyone from anywhere, anytime there is a need, according to the whims of Imoel or the choice of the individuals themselves.
Imoel encourages fierce rebellion against restrictive government. He enthusiastically advocates the collapse of social structures which do not maximize the scope of individual's freedoms. He sends his Priests into the midst of such societys that they might foment disorder and revolt. Those Priests who live amidst tyranny are required to do whatever they can to destroy the sadistic social order of their Land.
Imoel is not above or beyond utilizing whatever tools are neccessary to achieve the goal of the moment. Evil is as Good as Chaos. Law is the enemy.

Imoel's Avatar (Priest 19th)

Imoel's Avatar appears as a six foot tall slender Avariel Male, graceful and lithe, wise as he is ancient, young as he is bold. Imoel one moment seems to be old and then another young within the space of a sentence he vassilates back and forth between ages.
In the rare instance he is in the presence of his worshippers and they are of differing races he will alter his race to match theirs, alternating if needs be.

Duties of the Priesthood

The Priests of Imoel are charged with fomenting dissent and disorder in highly organized social centers. They are to raise up armies of rebels with which to revolt against their restrictive governments. These Priests often appear to be dreamers and poets, self-sacrificing romantics. Some in other ages and times might call them windmill jousters. Others would name them the blind tools of entropy.
RequirementsAB Char= 15; AL= Chaotic; WP= any; AR= any, but usually none; SP= all, animal*, chaos, charm, creation*, elemental(water and air only), healing, necromantic, plant*, travelers, war*, weather*. PW1)= Confusion 1/day 6)= Summon Xoclotychil 1/day/3 levels of caster 9)= Before 1/day (nullifying one event of no more than one minute duration)12)= Weird 1/month TU command or destroy.

Zolek (Lesser God)
The Arbiter; The Righteous Dispenser of Justice

Symbol: A Book

Alignment: Lawful Nuetral,(Followers alignment may be any Lawful sort)

Area of Control: Law, Order, and Justice,(in that order)

Favored Weapon:The Law

Pronounced: Zolek ('Z'-ah-Lik)

The cold brutal embodiment of utter Order and Conformity. Zolek cares naught whether Justice is served for the Good, by Evil, ignoring the Innocent if only the letter of the Law is first met and Order is maintained. He is a poor pale shadow of the God he once was for in another age Zolek was the beloved,"Lord of Light", savior of the Innocent, defender of the Just and Righteous. Since his millenial banishment at the hands of Knavas and now his subsequent rebirth, Zolek has returned proving to be a bitter and vengeful God. His cause is well supported with a renewal of Human pride and self-esteem. He resents Humanity for turning their back upon him when he needed their worship the most. That they would turn from him and seek aide from his oldest rival, Imoel, was the final stroke of injustice he could not endure. Rather than allow himself to perish entirely, Zolek vowed to return to primacy in Acrius by whatever means required.
As it is said by the seldom heard Sage's of the Lesser God's of Nuetrality, Ethos is cyclic. With the long heralded mourning cry for the intevitable fall of Kanvas and the gradual decline of Imoel in Acrius so too follows rise of Zolek into the growing void. His Priests are few but they travel far and wide preaching at any who would listen. They still do so at great risk to themselves for all religions save that of Knavas are forbidden. But it would seem the Fates are smiling kindly upon the Criers of Zolek for wherever they shall roam converts are sure to rise in their wake.


Zolek's Avatar (Warrior 16th)

Zolek's Avatar appears as a 20 foot tall muscular Titan.
P>Duties of the Priesthood
The newly converted Priests of Zolek are driven to seek out new converts wherever they might be found. The primary drive of Zolek is a speedy resurgence in his worship. Quality is no longer a priority. Only loyalty and quantity will serve to swell Zolek's divine leverage.
Requirements Strength= 16; AL= Lawful; WP= any, and the best which can be had; AR= any, and the best available are required; SP= all, combat, creation*, divination, elemental(earth only), healing*, law, necromantic, numbers, protection, travelers, war. PW1)= Detect Chaos at will 6)= Detect Lie 3/day 9)= True Seeing 1/day 12)= Serten's Spell Immunity 1/day .

Xoclotychil (Demi God)
The God who is a Door; The Belly of the Gods

Symbol: A Silver-Grey Disk

Alignment: Nuetral (Followers may be any alignment)

Area of Control: Dimensions, Time, Probability

Favored Weapon: Mortals

Pronounced:Xoclotychil (Zok-La-ti-Chill)

Seemingly aloof but used by all religions to one degree or another, utterly unaproachable on an intellectual level, Xoclotychil appears to be nothing but a God which is a tool. And yet, there are those who would argue that he allows himself to be directed but by his own choice and by his own designs ultimately. Some few would venture to say that rather than other Gods having a hand up the sock puppet of Xoclotychil, he in fact is the master of all God's strings.
Xoclotychil appears to those who beseech him as a grey disk opening in mid-air before them like a door into nowhere/when. The user only need desire to go somewhere and Xoclotychil wisks them off. But not always where they intended. Those who enter the Belly of the Gods find themselves in a small grey space just large enough to accomodate those who enter. There is no known limit to the capacity of the Belly of the Gods but there are tales of those who've attempted to march armies within only to have them come out somewhere or somewhen far away from where they were supposed to go and be. Using Xoclotychil is dangerous and attracts the attention of other Beings to the destination chosen by the user, whether they arrive there successfully as intended or not.
Xoclotychil has no known organization of worshippers devoted to him/her/it. The motives of this being cannot even begin to be understood by mere mortals. Why it does what it does and for whom is an absolute mystery. That it is powerful is plain to see.
Xoclotychil's Avatar (Wizard 24th)
Xoclotychil's Avatar appears as a six foot diameter silver-grey disk leading into a grey walled room. It has never been known to attack or fight and has never been attacked in mortal history. Who would do so?

Duties of the Priesthood

Those few Priests who are devoted to Xoclotychil are few and far between. They rarely have anything to do with other mortals and only then to get their bearings on reality. These few fleeting beings flit back and forth to and fro, at right angles to reality and time, leaving their Home Planes far behind...
RequirementsAB Wis= 15; AL= Nuetral; WP= none; AR= none; SP= all, astral, chaos, creation, divination, healing, law, numbers, protection, thought, time, travelers, wards* . PW1)= Summon Xoclotychil 3/day/level of caster. TU none.

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