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The Royal Houses of Acrius

...and their assumed attitudes towards the Imperial Throne.

A. House of the Sea Eagle (rabid loyalty)

B. House of the Golden Lion (uncertain)

C. House of the Burning Rose (opposition)

D. House of the Dawn Star (uncertain)

E. House of the Black Sun (flagging loyalty)

F. House of the Red Dragon (uncertain)

G. House of the Pit Viper (rabid loyalty)

H. House of the Silver Wolf (marginal loyalty)

The ruling House of Acrius is the House of the Sea Eagle. Itís present head and Emperor of all Acrius is his Eternal Holiness Atelos I. It is both a name and a title similar to caesar. It signifies the person solely in control of the entire Acriun Empire.
The seat of power of Emperor Atelos is on Lorad, the Sacred Isle.
Khurahaen is the Capitol of the Acriun Empire. It is located on the Sacred Isle of Lorad. It is the seat of the Emperor throughout the year, much as he hates to travel. It is known for producing splendid coral, pearls, and unmatched aquatic cuisine. Within it are located the Imperial Academy of Arbalett's,(War Wizards) the Imperial Academy of Abakzor,(Acriun Bladesingerís), and as a center of great learning for Alanzyr,(scholars) who study by the thousands at the Imperial Library.
Atelos is never seen by the common folk of the mainland, for he never ventures forth from the shores of his sacred isle. He does not invite visitors, nor does he welcome them if they attempt to seek him out. Instead, such behavior will certainly gain the unwanted attention of those who safeguard his Imperial Holiness. Anyone found upon the Emperorís isle without his express permission is summarily executed. There are no exceptions.
Atelos is thought to be a War Wizard but this is unproven for he has outlived all of his known contemporaries. This is a subject of keen speculation amongst his potential rivals.
Atelosís known domestic policy agendas include the following;
Repressing the arcane arts of Necromancy, Charm, and Illusion based magic in all forms. It has long been rumored that his motivations for doing so stem from his desire to ensure that only he and his personal followers have access to them.
It is widely anticipated that Atelos will soon begin a campaign of suppression of all Divination magic despite its source,(whether by faith or arcane means) to further consolidate his control of information in his Empire.
Needless to say, this action would meet with great opposition, and Atelos does not appear prepared to push the issue any further than he has at present. He is actively campaigning in his member Kingdoms to see this become Law, but as yet he lacks proper support. There has been concern that institution of such repression could spark a costly civil war. There is much truth to this assumption, as wise as Atelos is, he is fully aware of this.
Atelos holds a virtual monopoly on Priests in the Empire. Following his coronation, Atelos proclaimed that all Priestís of all the Kingdomís of Acrius were required to come to Lorad for a formal indoctrination.
With all of the unsuspecting members of the free Priests of his Empire under his direct control he boldly proclaimed a ďnational religionĒ that of Knavas, Lord of the Sky, and all of the Priestís that returned to the Kingdomís after the indoctrination were not exactly the same ones that arrived at Lorad.
Atelos has replaced most of the old Priestís with newer ones who are loyal to the Imperial Throne only. He made a point of sending priestís of a particular nation anywhere but to their own country, to further ensure his domination of them as a profession.
There are three orders of the religion of Knavas. The warrior arm of the Priesthood are the Knorzyl, or Warrior Priestís. The Knerzyl are Priest Mages. The Knyzyl are Priest Thieves.
All serve the God Knavas, purported to be the brother of Aerdrie. He/it is suspected of not actually being her brother, but to say so is blasphemy punishable by death.

The Remaining Royal Houses of Acrius;

1. Golden Lion, the House of= Sixth most powerful of the Acriun Kingdoms.
The Acriun royal line of Cardigar, head of which is Queen Apeleene Tanabris. She rules the eastern northermost Kingdom of the Acriun Empire, Awhles, in which are four Duchy's.
Awhles is the northeastern-most kingdom of Acrius. It is a thickly wooded, hilly, and mountainous land.
Enhing, Duchy of= The southwestern Duchy of the Kingdom of Awhles. It is ruled by Duchess Anna Varsilon, elder sister of Duke Elwyn of Xayns. It is mostly farmland set in rolling plains. They produce a good amount of wheat, oats, barley, cattle, and hogs for shipment elsewhere in the Empire.
Gyron, Duchy of= The most northerly and eastern duchy of the Kingdom of Awhles, a Kingdom of Acrius. It is ruled by Duke Cardigar Tanabris. The third in line for the head of the Cardigar family and House of the Golden Lion, one Duke of four in the Northernmost eastern Kingdom. He is still considered to be in his youth,185 years old. The family is known for producing some of the finest Arbalett's in the Empire. The Duchy itself is known for it's rare Mithril, plentiful gold, ash, oak, and walnut lumber, and it produces a renowned yellow wine.
Vornyl, Duchy of= Ruled by Duke Elwyn Varsilon, an Arbalett and older cousin to Mardonyx Tanabris. The seat of power of the Duchy is in Arkomenos, a rich thriving city nestled in the shadowy foothills of the Koronhel range. This duchy is the southeastern of the Kingdom of Awhles. It is known for producing silver, gold, ash, oak, walnut, and ironwood lumber, and the finest great bows to be found in the Kingdom.
Ironholm Keep= A keep in the Koronhel Mountains of Illyander. It is presently commanded by Baron Mardonyx Tanabris under the rule of his superior Duke Varsilon. This keep guards the pass between the Duchy of Vornyl and the unclaimed basin beyond.
Roylyn, Duchy of= Ruled by Duchess Kellien Varsilon. The northwestern Duchy of Awhles. It contains within itís borders all manner of terrain, from the mountains of the north to the hills and plains of the southland of the Duchy. They produce a wide range of products including wool, copper, sheep, cedar lumber, wheat, cattle, and leather goods of the finest sort.

The House of the Burning Rose. The name of the ruling royal house of the Kingdom is Dohrya. It is ruled by Queen Michelaine Margalen. It has four Duchies presently, with a fifth being consolidated by a group of newly appointed Knights.
It is considered to be the least influential or powerful from a military standpoint when compared to the other four noble houses. However, it has gained through war, a large tract of land.
Ailythia, Duchy of= Duke Peotyr Druskal rules this Duchy comprised solely of the southwestern isles. He is conisdered a loyal supporter of her majesty, Queen Michelaine. He of all her subjects is the most trusted by her, apparently. He has proven himself to be a fine general in service to the Crown. There is little doubt he would stand with her in time of civil war even against the Emperor himself. He controls one fourth of Dohrya's lands and armies.
Maghreb, Duchy of= Duchess Madrina rules the northwestern isles and mainland. She is rumored to have ties with other Houses, perhaps that of the Emperor himself. She has never dared to oppose the will of the Queen openly, but it is privately suggested that she yearns for the opportunity. She controls one fourth of Dohrya's lands and armies.
Corymb, Duchy of= Duke Karonys rules the mountainous northeastern duchy of this Kingdom. He is a loyal supporter of the Queen. As Queen Michelaine has no heirs nor suitors, and he has been widowed for some time, he has long thought to gain her majesty's hand. It is often remarked by detractors of the Duke that the Queen has not seen anything particularly attractive about him personally. He is brave enough, competent, intelligent, but for some reason he just doesn't have what it takes to win her heart. He still tries though. Oddly enough, he openly supports the Emperor out of some twisted sense of honor, and it is uncertain whether he would choose his own Queen over the Emperor if forced too. He also controls a fourth of Dohrya's land and armies.
Nouaez, Duchy of= Duke Orodayr is Lord of this southeastern Duchy. It is nearly all isles in composition. It has the strongest naval force of the Kingdom, and the largest population of Dezroth in the Empire.
It is comprised of both slight mainland holdings and isles. The newly acquired lands temporarily fell under this Dukes rule until a potential fifth Duke or Duchess had been named by Queen Margalen. He is thought to be loyal, though this political slight may have soured him with regard to the Queen. It is uncertain where he would stand if things came down to civil war. He is vocally supportive of the Emperor, perhaps more so than to Her Majesty, but it is uncertain if he does this to gain trade favors for his Duchy or no. As the other Duke's and Duchess do, he controls one fourth of Dohrya's land and armies.
Michelaineís older sister is named Bryniha, an Abakzor in the service of the house of the Golden Lion, far to the north. She is stationed in Ironholm Keep, and serves the Chief Arbalett (War Wizard), Mardonyx Tanabris, as his closest sage advisor. She is 96 years of age. She was forbidden the throne of Dohrya by ancient custom. Only an Abakzor or Arbalett may wear the crown of a Kingdom of Acrius.
The Queenís younger sister Kadryna is a Rhundyn (Ranger), in the service of the house of the Dawn Star. They control the northernmost central Kingdom of the Empire, and are the chief economical rival of Dohrya, as both nations produce many of the same goods. It is said she was married into this Kingdom as a marriage of alliance between the two houses. She is 69 years of age.
Queen Margalenís youngest sister is Cyrynth. She is an Arbalett in service to the Emperor himself on the Sacred Isle. She is a Captain of the Emperor's Infernal Guard,(personal bodyguard).

The Capitol, Guada; This seat of power for the Kingdom boasts a population of over a half a million people most of which a miserable sweaty multitude of humans, some few elves, gnomes, and the ruling class of Avariel. There are no Dwarves or other pest races allowed within the city.
The city is managed through departments, which all eventually answer to the Queen's council.
Nobility hold all political offices, great and small. They operate on an chain of command by rank and title.
There are very few Human commissioned officers in the military. There are almost no elves(common sort)holding any office or commisioned military ranks.
The city itself is a hub of trade. Wine, wool, lumber, fish, iron, steel, copper, coffee, leather, aerial mounts, (griffons and hippogriffs) and livestock are exports.
The only imports are luxury items such as finished furniture, tapestries, jewelry, clothing(mostly silk), and finished products such as armor, weapons, ships, and horses.
The city is well designed for freedom of movement with streets laid out from north to south, like the well ordered furrows of a field. City squares are set at intervals throughout the city and all of the main arteries of the city are broad avenues with islands of greenery,(grass and a few trees) in the center, with wide walking streets to either side.
Near the docks are great sprawling stone warehouses, most of which are filled with items for export. A great granary is also located in the wharf district, with immense silos soaring skyward.
All of the common housing of the city is between four and five story stone buildings with wide glass paned windows and balconies overlooking the avenues.
All other structures rise to the same or greater height sometimes even 6th and 7th storied.
All areas of trade are separated by Race/Class, supplying better goods and services higher up and out of the reach of the wingless.
The housing of the city is divided into quarters. The periphery of the city belong to humans, common elves, and gnomes. The better folk live near the center of town and always above the street level.
Avariel rarely come down to street level sending their servants afoot instead if they absolutely must.
A complete gravity driven extensive sewer system runs beneath each street designed to withstand the copius winter and spring rains.
The entrances to the sewers are large square metal valves and they require a great deal of strength to open.

The culture of Dohrya; Houses rule all aspects of life, with the Royal House being the highest pinacle. Family owned and operated Guilds control trades and services.
Thieves Guilds are outlawed, but of course they operate within the city. There are three known or suspected international guilds operating within the confines of the city, and a handful of unaffiliated guilds operates beyond their reach.
Mercenary Guilds find a great deal of work within the city, offering their muscle to any and all who can afford their services,(sometimes offering it in the form of strongarm tactics). There are three Mercenary guilds, all run by ex-military men and their relatives/associates.
The estimated population of the kingdom as a whole is around 2,000,000, with a standing army rumored to be of at least 100,000 strong...

The House of the Dawn Star. Ruled by Queen Ptyalin Arthesmeil. Fourth most powerful of the Acriun Kingdoms. It contains four large Duchys.
Netsch, Duchy of; Ruled by Duchess Christine Mullette.
Hanscom, Duchy of; Ruled by Duke Donnell Sorem.
Dedic; Duchy of; Ruled by Duke Kevin Behm.
Werle; Duchy of; Reginald Maassen.
This Kingdom of Acrius controls the coastal former lands of the ancient long-dead Kingdom of Olgkesgor (the name carrying over from the times in which the region was ruled by humans).

The House of the Black Sun. Kingdom of Norendel. Ruled by Queen Trysha Jezereen. It is perhaps the second most powerful Kingdom of Acrius now that Atelos has bled them of troops to feed his international expansion campaigns.
Duchy of Gjunstok; ruled by Duke Wesley Onyshibael. The favorite of the Queen, and right hand to her in all things. He is expected to succeed her to the throne on her death. The following is a list of the lords and knights of Gjunstok subservient to the Duke.

Baron Brett Ainslee of Darby = 687, 1111. His fortress is nearly a ruin and his city walls are little more than a shambles. The common folk of Darby have taken much of the city walls down and used them in construction and repair of their own homes. Only a few small gatehouses remain standing, and these only because they contain active garrisons. Baron Ainslee regards such defenses unneccessary considering the long peace which has kept his land free of danger. The Baron himself resides in a modest villa to the West of Darby. Ask any of the common folk of Darby and you will find that while they do not fear the baron they also have no respect for him either. Baron Ainslee has little concern for his people or his holdings, only that they supply him with ample coin to permit him a quiet comfortable existence.

Baron Leland Bergquist of Angstrom = 772, 1150 His small fortress commands the heights overlooking the city of Angstrom. The Baron is an avid equestrian and keep a good many fine steeds on the grounds surrounding his fortress.

Baron Everret Eide of Bollig = 696, 1181 The Baron boasts a strong keep and walled city, as well as a proficiently trained and well armed peasant militia. The Baron is not well beloved by the common folk of his land, for he is ill-known for his brand of justice in dealings with those failing to pay their taxes.

Sir Terrance Eitlan, Lord of Amsbaugh = 716 1177. His holdings include a small fortifided keep and the monastery of Saint Tyldes.

Baroness Iona Hovde of Aacktarn = Her medium sized fortress and walled city are well maintained and policed. The Baroness has taken the initiative to organize a small elite contingent of Knights and Abakzor for the sole purpose of defending her Barony.

Baron Lionel Neese of Aganaster = 757 1118. The Baron owns a well maintained fortress and walled city. Recently his subjects have been plagued with bandits. It is believed this is a natural reaction to the high tax imposed by his lordship.

Baroness Suzzanne Yeades of Burkgren = 697, 1100 Her small fortress and walled city are in ill repair following a long peasant revolt which she has only just put down. She was in the end forced to enlist the support of the Duke's own men despite the loss of face which this caused her. There is still a good possibility that another revolt could flare up considering the Baronesses torturous treatment of prisoners.
Foelsk = 680, 1153 Fortress and walled city ruled by Baron Barry Sriedel
Kahljui = 728, 1129 Fortress and walled city ruled by Baron Lyle Mayvehl
Knosby Keep= 781,1184
Krejhecii = 765, 1189 Keep ruled by Sir Arvid Hjelmel
Lauquette = 712, 1112 Fortress and walled city ruled by Baron Maurice Denfugues
Luick = 736, 1171 Keep ruled by Sir Willis Tjelmellun

Mamminga = 810, 1164 Keep commanded by Sir Vernon Klaver.
Mayatt = 749, 1179 Keep ruled by Lawrence Nystrom
Oltein = 665, 1143 Fortress and walled city ruled by Baroness Laureen Teigen
Ookiger = 765, 1160 Fortress commanded by Sir Trevor Gallowsway
Orkenca = 755, 1087 Keep ruled by Sir Stanley Pruismyn
Peganhorst = 748, 1100 Keep ruled by Warren Helbarger
Seelayn = 733, 1111 Fortress and Walled city ruled by Baron Niles Rhoull
Sphonheim = 717, 1092 Fortress and walled city ruled by Baron Garwin Eygabrod
Tehxtor = 732, 1079 Keep ruled by Sir Beryle Vogatt
Tjernagel = 739, 1094 Keep ruled by Sir Edwin Rayneil
Tolstrup = 780, 1130 Keep commanded by Sir Raymond Longhenry.
Ungclaus = 696, 1133 Fortress and walled city ruled by Baron Calvin Neely
Vehcheem = 720, 1155 Fortress and walled city ruled by Baron Chaddrik Hepner
Wedan Keep = 791,1194
Yockley = Fortress and walled city ruled by Baron Vernon Stoeltin
Duchy of Dakken; ruled by Duke Jon Hernfen.
Duchy of Fjoinev; ruled by Duchess Melissa Derenthal.
Duchy of Bartusek; ruled by Duke Calvin Juhnling.
Norendel has a population of 2,000,000+. Half of them it is said, can be called up for militia duty. 200,000 men are said to be enrolled in their standing army.
Exports; Horses, Iron, and raw lumber, and mercenaries primarily.

The House of the Red Dragon. Ruled by King Kael Bjyrn. Fifth most powerful of the Acriun Kingdoms. The kingdom is comprised solely of the Chanchallas Isles, a group of islands located just to the north of and surrounding Lorad.
The small grouping of isles is named for the large island of Chanchallas, upon which is the capitol and seat of power of the house of the Red Dragon.
The royal family presently controls the northern half of the Gamaloch Archipelago, with the House of the Burning Rose controlling the southern half of the isles.
Within their Kingdom is the Sacred Isle of Lorad, though it is considered a Kingdom unto itself being the sole property of the Emperor Atelos and his dwindling family.
Duchy of Goche; ruled by Duchess Hanna Jahncke.
Duchy of Dreager; ruled by Duke Michael Clayton.
Duchy of Huus; ruled by Duke Arthur Kalvig.
Duchy of Wyborny; ruled by Duke Bernard Nordaas.

The House of the Pit Viper. Ruled by Queen Alymnda Vronyc. YhríDhun,(capitol of the Kingdom of Aelaox,) is the third most powerful of Acriun Kingdoms.
These folk are reviled throughout the empire for their undying devotion to Knavas.
This land contains the largest population of Priests of that faith to be found anywhere. They have almost completely lost touch with the old ways of the Arbalett and will have no intention of recruiting or training the newest form of wizard warrior to have been developed,(Abakzorís).
They have filled the void of Wizardry with the Knerzyl, or Priest Mages of Knavas completely.
Duchy of Varner; ruled by Duchess Ellene Yesek.
Duchy of Berhowe; ruled by Duke Todd Ulve.
Duchy of Gruis; ruled by Duke Everrett Burk.
Duchy of Vanwyk; ruled by Duke Sheldon Skogerboe.

The House of the Silver Wolf. Kingdom of Mundheim, ruled by King Gordon Lansmir. This is now the most militarily powerful Kingdom of the Acriun Empire.
The bulk of this Kingdoms army is in land based cavalry. They produce the finest human cavalrymen in the Empire, and buy many of their mounts from their neighbor, Norendel.
Duchy of Brunsvold; ruled by Duke Bradley Djuren. NW
Duchy of Burness; ruled by Duke Roger Faught. SW
Duchy of Garnas; ruled by Duke Bruce Finglesen. NE
Duchy of Kavars; ruled by Duke Irvin Haake. SE
This Kingdom has always made an effort to appear trusting of their Emperor, and due to their potential as an ally or an adversary, Atelos has made certain never to anger them.