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By popular demand, we are back in business. The roster of Players includes Si'Nafey, Eagh Clipse of Makor, Vondara, Anton Aringall, Bob the Colossus(Lerret), Ryan D'Grow, Javed, and Davalon.
I would like to give a healthy nod to some familiar Players from the past and present who have shined brightly or cast a deep shadow in Acrius. Anna, Anton, Si'Nafey, Devon Montoya, Toric, Thranduil, Javed, Lerret, Valinor, Gideon Aracula, Rage, Lestat, Warrior of the Book, Ryan D'Grow, Garreth, and Ovin Dala Bofana. There were many others as well. If your name is missing and you'd like some respect, call me. You know where to reach me.
I'd like to say that the hundreds and thousands of hours we spent together were some of my most happy times. Nothing gives me more pleasure than torturing intrepid dungeon delvers:) Thank you for some good sport.

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