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Illyandyr Ghorfoul Rysynth Ullvoin Khormyrenth Myndhanth Ferius Luniis Bire Kamaug Ocean Arytia Ocean Tynprog Ocean Ghatyshun Sea Myrtian Straight Archipeligo of Surrapq Rotate West 120 degrees Rotate East 120 degrees

In the dim distance to the West, a sliver of Illyandyr shows over the horizon. The dark secrets of her Eastern shores cannot be seen from space, but perhaps one day, curiousity and courage may drive a Westerner into the East.
Top and centered the rough spiked crown of Ossval, Ghorfoul, sits attop the world in a state of silent lofty might. Her peoples are all but unknown to the folk of Ullvoyn and Illyandyr. Only dim myths and rumor hint at their form a faiths. Her rocky Western Isles shelter her from the great storms which fiercely thrash the Olordor Ocean with too great a frequence for trade or exploration to endure.
Below Ghorfoul, Rysynth seems to brood in it's neighbors mist shrouded shadow. In dark whispers the doomed folk of this tortured land are said to be the virtual slaves of inconcievably powerful and enigmatic beings. Not even the slaves themselves have the slightest hint at the hidden nature of their masters.
To the far east of these two rivals, Ullvoyn appears to consider the fate of it's enemies with cold satisfaction. A bright land filled with hope and fellowship. It's young Western Kingdoms have successfully fought off two invasions from the south by vast Hrabbakkan hordes, and one insidious invasion of seeming castoffs and criminals deported from Rysynth enmasse.
The golden shores of Myndhanth are far less welcome than they appear from near Ossval orbit. Only a few foolhardy adventurers have even thought to mount an expedition to this remote haven.
Khormyrenth, distant, mysterious, her secrets have yet to unfold like in adventurous orchid blooms. Some myths suggest that the folk of Illyandyr and Ullvoyn would do well to steer their vessels clear of this dreadfully beautiful remote continent lest they release upon the world a plague of epic proportion.
Below Ossval herself are pictures of Ferius, Luniis, and Bire, depicted not at the distances of their actual orbits, but rather shown thusly for the purpose of describing their size in relation to each other and to their Parent.