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Character Sheet Creation

The following provides information which could be considered as the basic blueprint for my expectations of a character sheet submitted to me for an application to my campaign. Please read through everything and fill in the required areas of your character sheet before you apply for the game.
Go to your Members Menu and click on "Character Portfolio". When it opens you will be able to choose,(Enter New Character). Do so. This will take you to a blank charqacter sheet.
In the new version of Macrays generic character sheets, Race/species, Class/profession, Health/hits, and Rank/level; are provided for you in separate boxes of the opening form of the character sheet. Also inputs are provided for the character's Sex, Age, Height, Weight, Hair, and Eye color. All of these fields need to be filled out.
Above the obvious open fields on your character sheet are a series of five buttons with the options View, Abilities, Items, Skills, Spells. Skip View,(which is a preview of your character information compiled into one sheet) and go to Abilities.
Click the Abilities button and it opens a menu which is empty save for a group of four text areas titled, Ability, Base, Current, and Note. For the sake of example, lets say you enter the Ability,"Strength" in the appropriate text area. I would suggest doing so like this,"1a. Strength". In the text area labeled Base, enter the base strength required for you class if any. In the text area labeled current, enter your current strength. In the text area labeled Notes, enter abreviated information describing the attributes of your current strength,(att bonus, dam bonus, weight allow, Bend B, etc). The notes area can only hold four short lines of info, so do be as brief as you can or when you save the Ability, it will cut off the end of your Note.
Now that you have finished Strength, go on to the next ability, and the next, saving each time by clicking update. I expect the following Attributes to be entered into the Abilities section of your character sheet before I will consider accepting you to the game: Alignment
Armor Class
Experience points
Languages,(and do add your languages to the appropriate section in your sheet).
Saving Throws

When assigning points to each physical and mental statistic listed above, either roll them by the methods listed on Page # 13 of the 2nd Edition Players Handbook or divide 83 points among the stats as you desire).

I always suggest taking the maximum number of hit points when creating 1st level characters for survivability reasons. This is only a sugesstion, and you are welcome to roll the dice and see what you get. You might be required to roll for begininng hit points by a Game Master also.

In the Items section of your character sheet, you will see that you can designate an item under a heading, such as magic, general, etc.

When listing them, use the pull down bar available at right and you will be able to choose a heading for the item in question.

List everything you own, right down to the tinderbox, flint and steel.

If you are wondering what is fair or legal for items, I suggest the following;

If you are creating from scratch a character of 1st through 5th level, he shouldn't own a magic item.
A 6th through 8th character might have one minor magic item of no greater than +3 or 5% of the characters experience total.
Characters of 9th through 13th level might have anywhere from one to four magic items,(but nothing tremendous like a vorpal sword or other special purpose weapons). They might own one weapon of +4 or even +5 value, but this is extremely rare.
Characters of 14th through 18th level; You might see one of the high powered items(Rod of Lordly Might, Staff of Power, etc), and 3-6 lesser items. It's possible that someone might even possess an item which is pratically an artifact or relic in it's own right, but such items should be discussed throughly between us.
Characters of 19th and above levels; I suggest you do what you feel is right.

In the Skills category of your character sheet list the following:

All non-weapon proficiencies, including bonus non-weapon proficinecies gained by kit.
All weapon proficiencies, including slots used for special manuvers such as Bladesong for Elves.
Kit related Hinderances.
Racial hinderances.
Whatever other crucial info which pertains to the character not described above in the other sections.
Here is a bit of advice to the prospective Player, whether you are going to apply for our campaign or someone elses at Macrays Keep. Besides your Writing Sample your Character History is perhaps the single most important item to focus upon when creating the character. When I am choosing candidates who've applied for my campaign I use their character history as a means by which I might acquire a better feeling for the way you will fit into my game with the other players. It is my firm belief a solid writing sample and a sound character history are the best ammunition one can be armed with when making an application for anyones game.
I typically favor people who enjoy writing and do it well. If someone consistently presents me with a torrent of typos and makes no effort to check their posts before sending them, they can be assured of a lesser share of experience points than they would have acquired otherwise. Yes, it is true, I am not perfect either. However, posting with a ratio approaching or exceeding 20% typos is sloppy.
When I award experience points, I take several factors into consideration. Each post is scrutinized under more than a dozen broad criteria. The mere act of posting itself awards the successful player 100 xp if the post is valid and In Character,(IC). I award experience points for the number of page lines per post. I reward players for the use of html which contributes to the esthetics of their post by both it's instances, quality, and quantity. Roleplaying excellence draws the most award of course. And as has been demonstrated numerous times it doesn't take a five page post to earn good marks for roleplaying. If the post is apt, intelligent, timely, appropriate, and stands out from the average post, it will earn high marks even if it is but a few lines in length. However, short quips, droll essays, outlandish and/or inappropriate descriptions, innaccurate representations, a blatant irritatingly obvious lack of attention on the part of the poster being paid to the campaign and the events occuring immediately around themselves, or basically bland descriptions net far and away less returns. Awards are given for spells cast, skills utilized, creatures defeated,(and not just slain) and obstacles surmounted.
I hope that this helps you to formulate better submissions and also that it gives you some idea of my expectations. If you need more information or clarifications on anything provided above you can get it from me by messaging me through the system at Macrays Keep under the Login name of Caedis.
Disclaimer; the above mentioned information, and any reference to character sheets from or for Macrays Keep itself is done solely for the purpose of facilitating gaming between myself and the Players of my campaign at Macray's. I take no credit for the actual construction of the sheets nor am I affiliated with Macrays Keep in any official manner other than through free membership at their site. Thank you for your interest:)