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The Army of Darkness

5,800 Zombies. They have been set far away from your mines and work areas where workmen might notice them.
180 Shadows, also in hiding in the high mountains.
18 Spectre Mages:
10th= 6
11th= 2
12th= 4,(Assigned to 1st Battalion)
13th= 1
15th= 1
16th= 2
19th= 1
20th= 1
3 Liches 18th, 25th and 28th level. Sagyrmor is your closest advisor and he is the most potent of the trio. The others are named Allyngar and Ghaundys. Both are formerly Human.
24 Lesser Vampires. (Assigned to 1st Division) None have any magic use ability. All are formerly Human. All have been Vampires for less than a year, so they are inexperienced. Most are of average intelligence. One is very intelligent. He is named William Kinnard.
52 Ghouls. (Assigned to 1st Division) All are former humans. Their moral is rather low due to hunger and a lack of an established graveyard in the vicinity to feast on.
83 Werewolves. All Human and most are relatively inexperienced, being newly turned after the fall of the Manor House. They are very anxious about the approaching full moons.
Two Cloud Giants. They were residents here, hunters. A male and a female. Both joined your army as soon as they realized the importance of cooperating with you.
One Red Dragon, Old, Large... She was drawn here by the Lich Sagrymor. She was an aquaintance of his due to their mutual interest in Lichdom. He has offered to render the process of Lichdom for her at some future date if she joins the cause.
149 Thieves from four separate Guilds. All are Human. They are affilated with other guilds but they have secretly sworn undying allegiance to your cause. Levels vary between 1st and 20th. 48 of them are located in Bhomgaard. 90 in Guada, 2 recently infiltrated a guild in Aelox, and 9 are in Kurnahaen.
280 Priests in the Order:

One Copper Mine. Ore Quality of 8. 750 coins per man-week.
Two Lead Mines. 1st= Ore Quality of 6. 400 coins per man-week. 2nd= Ore Quality of 4. 300 coins per man-week.
Two Iron Mines. 1st= Ore Quality of 2. 300 coins per man-week. 2nd= Ore Quality of 4. 700 coins per man week.
One Platinum Mine. Ore Quality of 8. 400 coins per man-week.

Standing Orders:

1st Division:
A. 52 Ghouls
B. 24 Lesser Vampires
C. 4 Twelfth Level Spectre Mages
D. Commander in Charge= The Spectre Wizard Thalx.
Orders; They are to move into the woods south of the mouth of the valley. Clear it of Elves. Prisoners are a priority, with a special priority placed on Rangers. These are to be turned.

2nd Division:
A. 83 Werewolves.
B> Commander in Charge= Captain Tobias Briant. 8th level Warrior.
Order; They to remain engaged in intensive military combat training for the next two months. Following this they will be hired out in distant location as mercenaries for caravans.

3rd Division:
2 Cloud Giants. Mated Pair. Ael and Enda Cloush. They are being interrogated mildly.

4th Division:
1 Red Dragon, Old, Large. Name, Fhougst. She requires a proper Lair and prefers one which is on a high cliff, built deep into the peak. Unreachable by foot. The only approach would be aerial.

5th Division:
Dohryan Thieves Guild

Ironholme Keep