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The Grey Ages

Rumors of a past before Olgkesgor

The well respected Alanzyr Maeda Dafrasith is partially credited with the discovery of what is thought to be the credible and extensive remanents of the history of a,(presumed) long dead, highly advanced culture predating the rise of men, elves, and even dwarves. The glassteel documents contained colored glass hieroglyphs embedded within them which, once deciphered, spoke of the dim predawn age.
The seas at this time were thought to be populated with races of beings who ruled the land from below. The Dzeroth folk are thought to be a degenerate example of one such race as are the Hrabbakans of Erdel. Other less well defined races had long established bases far inland in order to moderate the suppression of the development of sentient land dwelling beings. Such beings were considered to be vermin of the highest order by the Greater Races who were farming the land masses of their natural resources.
Maeda Dafrasith was nearing the end of her productive career in the research field of Paleo-Anthropology,(her interests particularly concerning the ancient cultures of the Western region of Illyandyr) when she undertook a private extensive research mission due to exhaustion of all known research material in her chosen field. She liquidated her assests and used them to commission the service of a small but hardy and competent band of local northeastern Sylvan Rangers. She took her group eastward to investigate the rumor of a lost city said to be hidden in the depths of the wild land existing between the Acriun Empire, Soglil, Dorganthun, and Vooreez. Since her expedition set out across the Bezel Mountains no word has been received from them.

The Drow of Zardan

Sorvalion,(A Sun Demon) stole a relic called,"The Spheres" from an Elder Titan General who was leading an army into the depths of Tarterus. This is where he'd been banished to by Cronos to go and do some clean-up work. Kill some of the Demon riff-raff cluttering up the place. With it Sorvalion raised an army of demon exiles and moved up and out from Orb to Orb, defeating all who stood in his way to the primary Orb of Tarterus. The top layer.
The Elder Titans rallied on the top Orb and fought desperately to withstand Sorvalion and The Spheres. His army nearly crushed, Sorvalion used the most dread power, a True Dweomer called, "Sunder Fabric". It tore a hole in the Titanish Legions, and they fell back, defeated, scattered.
The Rift left by the Sunder Fabric Spell forged a permanent Conduit between Tarterus and the Prime Plane, in deep space, near the Planet, Naerth, the Drow Homeworld.
Sorvalion, seeing the opportunity to bring his army body and soul to the Prime Plane, free of the extradimensional ties to the Abyss, did so. He landed his weakened army on Naerth, and was welcomed as victorious allies by the Drow of Naerth.
The World Emperor of Naerth set all of his finest Wizards, Mentalists, and Priests to work devising devices which could capture the freed souls of these Demons, that he might rule them and own the Spheres himself.
In a great sweeping one night act of utter treacery, the Drow entrapped all of the Demons and made them their eternal slaves. The World Emperor then ordered Sorvalion to surrender the Spheres to him, and he did so.
The World Emperor commanded his World to victories over all of the Races of the Worlds in his Crystal Sphere, and those of four other Crystal Spheres. He knew absolute power and authority over everything in his reach for 11 centuries. Then, they came.
The Elder Titans poured through the Rift left in the wake of Sorvalions escape from Tarterus into Naerth, seat of Power for over 40 Planets. The Titans decimated the Drow and drove them from Naerth in a single furious Battle which lasted eight days.
The World Emperor, having never known defeat, ordered his folk to abandon Naerth and the Drow Realms surrounding it. He ordered that they destroy all that they left behind, and they did.
A huge fleet of 13,000 + ships departed from Naerth and the Drows Stellar Realms. They across the Universe, Dimensions, and Planes. The World Emperor's personal armada of 1,300 ships came here to Ossval. He hid his ships somewhere after offloading all his folk on the Planet. His secret has stood to this day...