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The Salem Witchcraft Trials and the McCarthy Hearings are both in their own way "witch hunts" for basically the same reason; the need to be known. Joe McCarthy was a no-name senator from Wisconsin looking for a name in politics, so he made up a fake list of hollywood stars who were "supposely" communist. Not only were there stars of films, but also some well-known fellow congressmen too. Sarah Good and the other girls were looking for some recognition in Salem. So they the same accused people of being witches and other unholy things. These 10 websites helps prove that these two events are alike in more than just accusing people of wrong.

Salem Witchcraft Trials

Connect Northwest Communism and McCarthy page

December 8th, 1999

This website is a good website to start off in your journey to finding our McCarthy motives. It states the definition of communism and also the history on what McCarthy said to start this outrage and phenomena. There are a lot of newspaper articles and articles written about Joseph McCarthy. Each different hyperlink is set up thematically from communism to McCarthy himself. The theme of this website is an overview of what happened during the 50s due to McCarthyism. It states certain facts that people were affected by McCarthy’s words. Also people’s paranoia of who is communist in their government. I believe the greatest asset to this website is definitely is the definition of communism, it helps a novice know what it stands for.

Hanover College: Joseph McCarthy Page

December 7th, 1999

This McCarthy page is set up for link purposes only, but has them straight linked with great newspaper clippings and articles. The articles tell in great deal the affect of McCarthyism and what is done to the 50s to shaken it up a little. This site has no multimedia on it itself, but has a link to a great page of it. The page is set up thematically for easy use. The theme of this page is cause and effect. It shows the facts of what happened due to what McCarthy was preaching. Due to those preaching people was lead in the wrong direction and provoked to hate communists. The greatest asset to this site would be the article telling the impact McCarthyism has had on America.

WebCorp: A Joseph McCarthy Multimedia Celebration

December 8th, 1999

This page is a keeper for those who want to sample real audio of Joseph McCarthy and other things dealing with the senator. It shows everything someone might need to understand the passion this man had for his word, even though bogus, he somewhat sounded believable, which lead many people to lose there jobs due to fear of communism. This page is setup kind of scattered around in no particular order. This page has a theme of overview. It just takes a bunch of diverse clips of media and puts them on a page. In which it summarizes what happened through media. The best thing about this site is the fact we can see it happen via video and audio.

The New American: Joseph McCarthy

December 4th, 1999

This site is a good question and answer type of site in which if a person had a question about the whole ordeal it can be easily answered at this site. It is very helpful if a person wasn’t even sure what the McCarthy hearings might have lead to World War II. This site’s theme is definitely cause and effect. It states the cause and the effect of certain thing McCarthy did. In example, McCarthy speeches lead to the birth of World War II. The best thing about this site, is the fact it asks and answers questions so a person isn’t left hanging.

Encarta Encyclopedia: Joseph McCarthy

December 5th, 1999

Encyclopedia website from Encarta is very respectable source to maybe start your research if a person was to research Joseph McCarthy. This site is filled with links to multimedia files and other things like educational materials on him. It gives you a brief summary on McCarthy, his past, and the historical hearings. The theme on this one is also overview. It summarizes everything into a overview paragraph. It does a sweet job at this too. The most useful thing on the site is the links on the taskbar on the right, it leads a person all over the web for information.

Salem Witchcraft Trials

National Geographic Salem Page

This site is definitely one of the best sites in this category. It is set up to be a Blair Witch mock. There is a page at the beginning in witch you need to click continue and a window pops up where you proceed looking at the remainder of the site. It is setup thematically, where there are links to different parts of the saga. This site has to do with a lot of before and after of the story with an intro and epilogue. The theme of this is overview of the events of Salem. It summarizes everything happened to the people of Salem. It does it through links and other things. This website was organized thematically. The best thing about this site is the way it is setup. It is definitely suited for younger people to learn about this.

Salem: What About Witches?

December 6th, 1999

This site is a good one for people who like to go sight-seeing. It tells all the old places from the trials and where to find them. It shows pictures from the houses where some of this takes place. It has links to certain preservation societies that have to do with this event. This site’s theme is definitely overview. It shows all the historical landmarks in the case of the Salem witches. It even tells a little about some witches today. This website was organized thematically. The best thing about this site is the picture of the houses used during the time period in Salem.

The Cory Family: Salem Witch Trials

December 8th, 1999

This website is a long scroll down memory past. It is filled with all the info a person can intake about Salem Witch Trials. It has maps, graphs, pictures, and vignettes about the happenings in Salem. This by far is the best Salem site that I have ran into. This site is built as a theme oriented one. This is also an overview site as well. It has graphs all over the places with key statistics, vital for understanding. Overview is definitely the way to go for telling the Salem Witch story justice, and this site proves my point.

Famous American Websites

December 7th, 1999

This website definitely should be in the hall of fame. Not only is this an overview it is a chronological one as well. This shows organization well with pictures and other vast array of other interesting things. It investigates all sides of the questions still left about the accusation of the people in Salem. It has all the stuff anyone needs to know about this. This websites best thing is how the have more pictures than any of the other ones I have evaluated in this bib.

The Salem Witch Wax Museum

December 5th, 1999

The wax museum isn’t only a good place to go to get a real life experience about Salem, but the website tells all sorts of history of the witch hunts. I would even like to go to this museum. You can touch replica tombstones and make plates similar to ones used at that time. This site organization is based on themes. This theme they used is overview of material used in this site. They have it divided up into wax statues to things to do at the museum. This is also a good historical site as well, not only trying to pitch their museum. The best thing about this site is that is shows pictures of some reenactments of some activities done at the museum.

These two events in American history always and should be linked in texts all around the world. They are witch hunts literally and metaphorically speaking. I hope these sites will help you see who these two events are so similar.