Sleep: The only way to get rest

By:Bobby Roberts

I. Intro

A. WAKE UP!!!!

B. I was just making sure you guys wasn't sleeping since all of you probably stayed up late finishing your speeches

C. Power Sleep by James Maas says that high school and college student are among the most deprived people, saying that 30% of them fall asleep in class at least once a week

D. Sleep is something everyone should get their required amount of EVERY night.

E. Sleep is the key to success to leading a successful lifestyle.

F. Getting your required sleep will improve your popularity, academics, and mot importantly your health.

G. I have been sleeping regularly my 8-10 hours sleep a night for the past 6 months. I have yet fallen asleep in any class or felt tired in the middle of the day. Although I was a big non-believer in this routine in my high school days, but now since I am reaping the benefits of my new habit, I would like to share them with you.

H. First, before I tell you why it will improve your life, I am gonna say some scientifics of sleep

II. Scientifics

A. The Premise of Sleep by William Dement states that a person needs 6-7 cycles of sleep a night to assure maximum capibilities.

B. A cycle of sleep is 90 minutes of undisturbed sleep.

C. REM is the most deepest sleep a person can get, and the younger a person is the higher percentage of REM sleep that is in one cycle.

D. So as u get older, the more sleep will be more important in functioning normally.

III. Popularity

A. What if I told you if you sleep your 8-10 hours a day that you could be more popular?

B. It is true.

C. Instead of feeling sluggish and grumpy at school or at work, u can be the light of place.

D. Those bags under your eyes will be gone and the girls and boys will be all over you.

E. Who would have thought popularity was as easy as just sleeping?

IV. Academics

A. The second benefit of sleep is that your academics will improve upon your sleeping better.

B. It is proven that students are more alert during class and less likely to fall asleep and are more aware.

C. Thus, soaking in more information, which would lead to higher test scores. Which u can see for yourself on

D. Your attendance will surely be higher since you will be rejuvenated in the mornings and will be on time, instead of the usually morning sluggishness.

E. As well as feeling much better physically since your resistance will be built up by resting more. Which leads me to my last and most important benefit.

V. Health

A. Health. When a person sleeps they slow the processes down by 25% of a sleep deprived person.

B. This means that the person has more energy to do other things and has more resistance against viruses.

C. notes that in rat experiments that when they have sleep experiments that after 3 weeks of sleeplessness the rats begin to lose weight, body temperature drops considerably, and sores begin to come on the tail area.

D. With the extra energy that is earned with this extra amount of sleep everyday can be used to do all sorts of things, like doing homework or maybe playing a little basketball. Or maybe with this better health a person can have the ability to maybe get with the ladies a little easier since they are more popular.

VI. Some Tips to help to take a step towards the goal.

A. Now I have gotten u all excited u need to know how you can do this.

B. Well, go to it has a whole page of special tips to do to start this routine.

C. First off, Don't take naps, they only mess up the routine that you want to accomplish setting

D. Sleep and wake up at the same time everyday, this step will be the hardest to commit to.

E. Stay away from caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol at least 4-6 hours before bedtime.

F. Often smokers wake up early due to a lack of nicotine and alcohol robs the body of deep sleep and REM.

G. Not only does the website have great tips, but Sound ways to sound sleep by Donald Laird, recommends that a person keeps a sleep diary which will track your sleep, so maybe if a person has troubles keeping a schedule that a physician may help that person out.

VII. Conclusion

A. As you can see getting a regular amount of sleep a day can make you enjoy life for the fullest.

B. I admit to straying away from the routine a time or two, but the important thing is that you should always get back on track as soon as possible

C. I mean if it wasn't for sleep, where would your dreams be?