By: Bobby Roberts

I. Intro

A. Who here is a college student?

B. Who here has put off an assignment until the last minute?

C. Many people think that these 2 things go hand and hand.

D. Laziness has much to do with this

E. Laziness is can lead a person's life in the wrong way.

F. It takes over people and makes them immovable objects which vegetate on recliners

G. I am going to state the facts about laziness

1. Health problems due to being lazy

2. Mental problems due to being lazy

3. I will give some history on the subject of laziness.

4. And finally the most important, the dreadful procrastination bug.

G. I am a college student who has been living the "so-called" college lifestyle for as long I as I can remember.

II. History

A. A person can't come up here and tell us our country was built on laziness coul they?

B. I mean you didn't see George Washington crossing the Potomac River sitting down with a coke in his hand and letting the others lead his troops!

C. According to the book called A People and a Nation, this nation was built on laziness.

D. The colonies started to back out once they noticed that England wasn't gonna give them there freedom without a fight

E. Knowing the colonists were outmatched and outnumbered, the colonists actually started to back out, just from sheer cowardness and laziness.

F. Slavery was based on laziness too.

G. The plantation owners saw slavery t be not only monetarily profitbale, but it meant they won't have to do as much work keeping the indentured servants around.

H. Too see what was wrong with all this you can go to and go to their laziness page and it will give you quotes from the bible condemning lazy people and the act of being lazy.

I. Timothy 5:8, "But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever."

III. Mental Problems

A. Just being known you are denied the faith is enough mental problems for me to handle.

B. I have even more mental problem due to laziness.

C. The book called Procrastination: Why You DO It?, says all a person needs to know and how to cope with it.

D. Anxiety comes from putting things off too long and the consequences of doing so

E. Fatigue comes from the fact you may not sleep either while finishing your more important thing, or from losing sleep due to anxiety off it all

F. Depression often comes after a person was rushed into doing something in a hurry, and/or the person is depressed about their appearance due to physical inability

IV. Physical problems

A. Physical problems come form the mental point of view the most.

B. One loses the motivation to do anything and becomes lazy, therefore they become out of shape and lull into a deeper depression then they were before.

C. Heart disease and high blood pressure are caused due to fact that when a person is inactive for long periods of time there heart gets used to pump in that same rate of speed and when one actually gets up and move the heart isn't used to it and it beats well faster than normal just to get enough oxygen to the brain for normal motion.

D. These facts are seen on

V. Procrastination

A. Procrastination is a huge topic and is a restricted topic in speech210.

B. I can see why after I received enough information on it for about it t do 10 of these speeches.

C. I will only give you the basics about its place in a lazy man or woman's life.

D. Laziness and procrastination basically goes hand and hand.

E. Some bad thing about procrastination is it can hurt your grades, social life, and could affect your monetary stash.

F. Being lazy and procrastinating on your job could hurt your chances of getting a raise or even getting fired.

G. Same deals with falling behind on one's homework.

H. Since the students might notice you are slipping behind in your work they might not want to study with you and hurt your social life.

VI. Help Laziness and procrastination

A. To get help about laziness one could easily go to or

B. Those sites will help anyone who suffers from laziness

C. The first thing to do is to make a timetable.

D. Secondly, one needs to stick to it.

E. It is easier to make a schedule then to stick by one

F. Make sure there is a balance of work and leisure in there so you won't get bunrt out with physical activity and make sure if it is a little unbalanced to not resort back to your old ways.

G. Overcoming Procrastination has been the source of all these helping tools.

H. To overcome laziness one needs to follow the guidelines I said already plus take vitamins and keep a balanced diet as well.

VII. Conclusion

A. As you can see, laziness isn't the way to go for a successful life

B. The physical and mental aspects are too great for any person to go on living in this way.

C. I admit I am guilty of these symptoms of laziness, but I from what I have learned in this speech I am gonna make my schedule like everyone of you should to.

D. I mean if the Bible is against it, shouldn't you be?