By: Bobby Roberts

Has anyone you know procrastinated on something important or irrelevant just out of pure laziness? I am sure everyone knows someone, or it might even be you. Laziness has plagued everyone at one time or another. Laziness causes fatigue, anxiety, lack of self-esteem, and depression. This country as a whole was not built on lazy people. George Washington was not portrayed crossing the Potomac sitting down, he was standing on the edge pointing the troops looking confident as ever. Or was this country built on laziness, a point of view that our history teachers did not quite portray in today's history books.

Before the American revolutionary war, the Colonies was revolting left and right. People think that it was a full head of steam towards freedom for the colonies; they are wrong. The colonies, after finding out that they had a huge disadvantage, tried to bring peace among them and England. They were lazy for the reason that even if it meant freedom they would not quite want to risk the chance of death, because they had better things to do. I do not think I have to tell you how the story ends.

Slavery was all based on laziness and capital gain. They brought the slaves over to help them work on the plantations. Later on the whites rarely worked out in the fields unless they were indentured servants. Plantation owners were never seen outside in the fields or rarely looking over things. The plantation owners had other people hired to look after the products like tobacco and cotton, and they looked after the slaves themselves. Laziness is contagious; it spreads like a mad fever throughout our history as a nation under God.

American presidents were bitten with the laziness bug through time. Thomas Jefferson owned plenty of plantations before and during his presidency. So he followed the pattern of other plantation owners detailed in the paragraph above. Franklin Roosevelt was thought to be lazy, but he really did have a reason for sitting down a lot and barely moving when he forced himself up. He suffered from polio, and he was an anti-lazy person to say the least. The disease-ridden Roosevelt was secluded for a period in his latter term as president and many people believe that his wife, Ellenor, ran the government. He was worried that the general public would not want a "half-man" or an extremely fatigued man running the government.

Fatigue can be caused by laziness just due to the fact that when someone is lazy they do not want to do anything. When someone does not want to do anything, that leads into obesity, or at least makes the health status weaker. So when a lazy person actually gets motivated into doing something he or she cannot really do an activity for as long as they would have been used to if they were not repetitively lazy. Today's society demands an over-active person if one wants to succeed in anything. Over-active people are ones who do things before due dates and do not procrastinate. Lazy people procrastinate and due things in a rush or maybe turn things in late at a current rate. Lazy people get anxiety attacks due to them getting fatigued doing the simplest tasks.

Procrastination brings anxiety along to people who are lazy enough to procrastinate. There are not too many "good" reasons to procrastinate. Maybe if you had better, more important things to do before that paper due. Mostly, people do not have that reason to procrastinate but imagines one in your head telling yourself something until you believe it. Anxiety comes when the due date or the meeting comes around, when you either have to hand something in or present something just because you have not gotten around to do it. If the project is bad there also can be some anxiety about your job status at your current job, which can hurt one's self-esteem and cause either short term or long term depression

Depression is the biggest characteristic followed by laziness in the United States and everywhere else on the Earth. A job lurking in the shadows does not feel good on anyone's shoulders. People get depressed because once they have done this project they have to do another right after it. This makes people discouraged about the project they are working on and do not bother doing a good job on it since there is one after it to be done, and there is only so much time to do it. Laziness sets in and they only do half-jobs on the projects and get bad grades on it and get depressed about it. Depression can be cured by just getting away from whatever that is making them feel sad about themselves and do something they like to do. This technique usually works pretty well if you are an extreme case please see a psychologist as soon as it fits your schedule.

I hope you will try to get rid of some laziness out of your schedules, I think everyone can get rid of some laziness. Although it would unreal to get rid of it altogether, you just need to schedule in one's own relaxation time where you can be lazy all one wants. Scheduling lazy time has been an American problem since the beginning of the Revolutionary era in United States history. It has been with us and will still be there until the end of time or this country's "empire" crumbles into ruins.