Epiphany: Does it really change you life?

By: Bobby Roberts

Have ever been changed by an experience in your life? Many people have been changed by an epiphany, a life changing experience. Life threatening experiences change people's attitude, willingness to give, and outlook on life, these are a few things that change instantly.

My epiphany came February eighth, it was a nippy morning and I woke up late. I rushed and hurried to get ready for school. I was ready by 8:45, I was in no rush to get to school to get to school from that point, I had fifteen minutes to get to school before second hour started. I usually go the back way to school, but I changed my regular route that day. I turned on Rochester Road and came to a stop sign, instead of going straight I turned right on Diamond Lake Road. I pulled out on U.S. 33 next, about a half of a mile ahead of a gravel truck. I proceeded past the green light and instantly turned my left turn signal on. There were two oil tankers pulled off to the right side of the road, taking up the passing lane. I went left of the yellow line since there were no oncoming traffic, in case truck behind me needed to pass me, and then, BAM!! I was slammed in the back end by a thirty ton gravel truck. I hit my head on a side panel, beside the windshield and my seat broke back. I hit my right leg on the steering wheel, bending it upward. From that I am a changed man.

My attitude before the accident was good, but I procrastinated and I was moderately docile. After the accident I was cynical at first, but that suddenly ended and I am happy and I can' waste time being sad or depressed. My willingness to give has extended farther out. After the accident, I am always trying to help others and liking it. Before it was a bit of a hassle and I didn't like it at all. I someday would like to repay everyone who helped me out when I was injured or at the scene.

Outlook on life has probably changed the most. Before, I always put stuff off till "tomorrow" and been quite shy and never outgoing in a group of people. Now, I live for the day," carpe diem or carpe momento," with everything I do. No matter if it is cleaning my room or filling out forms for college, I get it done. I have been less shy and more saying what is on my mind, and not putting it off till the "perfect" moment. I've even asked a girl that my friends think of as unapproachable to the prom. This girl even turned me down last year for a friendly date. I had to ask her or I'll just keep on wondering, "if," that word has haunted me my whole life. Now I think, "why not," why don't I. So to cut a long essay short we are going together.

Those are just a few reasons that a tragedy like that one could actually straighten you up, rather than mess you up. I am lucky that I escaped with only one long-term effect, my new attitude.