The best thing for high school seniors

By: Bobby Roberts

Many college kids each year drop out, because of lack of organization, responsibility, and correct thesis writing skills. More English classes are needed to help college kids succeed in college courses. West Noble has such a course, or had such a course. This course is called advanced composition; it is a college prep course aimed at students who were headed towards college. West Noble decided to delete this class from their class list for next year. They are going to teach an English 12 class and combine world literature, genres, and advanced composition. Advanced composition is a necessity for a student before college. It helps them learn responsibility, organization, and correct thesis writing.

Responsibility is instructed through stories that Mr. Pounds. They are a variety of anecdotes from his college life and his married life. He has told us various thought-provoking ideas and had many discussions. We have deadlines and various things that are college type assignments. We use a college textbook that helps us with the transition of high school to college English.

Advanced composition is combined with various styles of organization. With every assignment we usually get three or more types of different organizational methods to go at something or writing styles. This class helps you with just keeping track of everything and helps you spin your wheels in what they call college assignments. I think the organization of the class schedule and just the way the class is ran the whole semester it was an exhilarating experience in my high school life. Sometimes I actually think that it is a college class.

Thesis papers are the biggest part of this course that I learned from. I did not know what exactly what was a thesis statement before this class. Correct thesis statements are a key to a successful paper and getting your statement across. Thesis papers should have a bit of controversy towards to topic or your angle at the topic. I learned these rules of thesis statements from my advanced composition class. Without these rules my college future might be in jeopardy. I really didn't know anything about thesis papers until this class, and I am sure that my fellow students are behind me in that statement.

Without advanced composition class I would not be ready for college assignments and I might not have a future in college. Next year's seniors would be losing out on a great experience. I learned responsibility, organization, and correct thesis writing, therefore advanced composition is a necessity for high school seniors planning to go to college.