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Top Ten of 2000/2001

Hey! Here are the top ten most important people of 2000/2001!

  • 10. Carson Daly: Carson is still doing TRL on MTV and he rocks at it! He recently got engaged to Tara Reid (yuck) and the couple have been all over each other lately! Congratulations!

  • 9. Christina Aguilera: Releasing a Christmas album and a Spanish album, going on tour and getting a new BF! What a year for Christina!!

  • 8. Jennifer Aniston: Not only did Jennifer and the cast of "Friends" settle their contract dispute, but Jennifer Aniston got married to the most sought after man in Hollywood--Brad Pitt!

  • 7. Nsync: What a year for *Nsync. Their fans litterally exploded this year, there are TONS everywhere! Their album "No Strings Attatched" sold 2.5 million copies IN THE FIRST WEEK!! Do they really deserve the money? NO. Do they get it? YES. Whatever!

  • 6. Keri Rusell: This "Felicity" actress got SO much publicity when she cut of her signature curly locks! Now her hair is shoulder length and I think it's prettier than ever! I say hats off to this girl!

  • 5. Jennifer Lopez: What a year for this gal! She crossed over from actress to singer, she dated Puff Daddy, and I don't think that infamous Grammy dress will ever be forgotten!

  • 4. Mena Suvari and Jason Biggs: These two cute budding actors starred in two movies together, "Loser" and "American Pie". The chemistry in "Loser" was so good, I'm hoping they'll get together in real life one day!!

    3. Destiny's Child: This rockin girl group had so many bumps, I'm surprised they're still together! In the past year, three members have quit! But they've filled those spaces in an now they are doing better than ever!

  • 2. Britney Spears: Britney has stirred up so much controversy in the past year, starting with her..well..revealing clothes. Many thought she was too young to be acting so, and that she was being a bad example for kids. Others thought she was jsut doing her job, and maybe being herself. What do you think?

  • 1. Eminem: Eminem was such a big deal this year. Not only did his album explode, the press did too.There are three Eminem controversys still going on. 1) Eminem has continually dissed Britney and Christina, and the whole pop music world, and while doing so, he became something of a popstar himself. (Shhh don't tell him I said that!) 2) His nastiness against gays and lesbians has set off some pretty pissed people, including a Gay and Lesbian Rights Group, which totally hates him! 3) Because of all this controversy, his album has sold over 5 million copies.