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MTV's The Real World

Hey, what's up? I love MTV's reality show "Real World". To show my love, I have created a Real World page. As the show goes on, the page will expand. For now there are short bios on each member and a few photos for your enjoyment. BIOS: In a few weeks, each bio will become a link, but for now they are just displayed on this page. PLease be patient with the construction of this page, it is a tedious job.

Coral, 21 Raised in the Bay Area, Coral is as intelligent and witty as she is beautiful. Growing up, Coral straddled the worlds of privilege and poverty. She lived with her mother in government subsidized housing, while continuing an elite education funded by her father's savings. A keen observer of the world and people around her, Coral doesn't have any qualms about speaking her mind. Watch out, roomies...

Kevin, 22 A native of Austin, Texas, Kevin has it all--popularity, good looks, intelligence and athletic prowess--oh, and he's pretty darn charming too. Diagnosed with testicular cancer at the beginning of his senior year in high school, Kevin was forced to reexamine the things that most of his fellow students took for granted. After a long journey through diagnosis, treatment and recovery, Kevin emerged with a sharp sense of humor, along with a deeper spirituality and sensitivity to those around him.

Lori, 21 The youngest of three daughters from Roseland, New Jersey, with a striking mixed heritage--Filipino and Irish--Lori was labeled early on a "super star" child by her sisters. While she has excelled at everything she has tried, her real passion in life is singing. Blessed with a gorgeous voice, Lori was one of the lead vocalists in a Boston College singing group called the Bostonians. A self-described drama magnet, Lori says she gets bored unless she has some kind of drama or conflict in her life. Lori was the winner of the Online Casting. She beat out four other finalists to win a spot at the casting finals.

Malik, 23 Hailing from Berkeley, California, Malik is the bi-racial son of a white mother and a black father. Fueled by a determination to succeed, Malik became the first child in his family, and the only one of his friends, to attend college. Though he'll graduate from the prestigious University of California at Berkeley soon, Malik isn't all work, no play. His obsession with music has helped establish him as a popular Bay Area club/party DJ.

Mike, 19 A fireball of energy, Mike is the quintessential all-American boy from Parma, Ohio, a predominantly white middle-class suburb of Cleveland. An only child whose parents are divorced, Mike found a sense of family in his college fraternity. While Mike seems to be quite the chick magnet, he's a bit na•ve about relationships and has a deep need to be loved.

Nicole, 22 Having watched her mother suffer through a long, abusive relationship, Nicole has managed to beat the odds. A graduating senior at the top of her Morris Brown University class, Nicole is one smart cookie--just check out her 4.0 grade point average. She pays $22 a month rent for an apartment in a subsidized housing project in Atlanta. Although she has a mix of black and white roots, she remains proud of her African American heritage and only dates black men.

(No picture available, but Rachel is pictured at the top of the page with bleached hair.) Rachel, 18 Wide-eyed, bubbly, and ready for life, Rachel is at a turning point in discovering herself as an adult. An only child, Rachel was raised outside Chicago by her mother, who worked hard to give her daughter every opportunity for a bright future. A pop-punk fanatic, Rachel loves concerts and blows all her extra cash on CD's. Though she's still inexperienced in many ways, Rachel is testing boundaries and opening up to new experiences--with some pretty amusing results.