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Party Down, Girlz!

Supplies Needed for Tropical Bash:

Yo, yo yo!Wanna know how to make a rad party? Read the directions below for a fun and tropical summer party.

Invite a bunch of peeople. (This is a big party!!) Theme it tropically by decorating with green and yellow streamers. At my tropical party I put little umbrellas and lemon slices on the side of the cups for a tropical touch.Those were a big hit. I had a tropical fruit plate (with fruits listed above) and some "normal" food for "normal" people.

On the invites, I said to bring your fave CD.Peeps like that cuz that way everyone likes the muzic at some point.Below are some tips I made up after I made some mistakes.

  • Always ALWAYS have games or activities planned. At my party we didn't, and it was still fun, but could have been better planned. DON'T expect guests to be enttained by food and music!
  • Be specific on the invitations....I had a guest who thought there would be lunch there and ended up pigging out on all the snacks.
  • Start preparing EARLY.....I still hadn't created a mix of CDs by the time all my guests had arrived OR set out some cookies.
  • Have a great aprty and a rockin summa, gal-pals!!