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How to Pick up a sexy Lifeguard

Tips on how to Get started

  • First of all, you might want to be the same age or close to this lifeguard. An 18 year old won't go for a twelve year old. (Too bad, huh?) Anyways, with that in mind read on. (Twelve year olds cans till flirt, jsut not with dating in mind.)
  • If the lifeguard looks really hot in the sun, offer to buy him a soda. Say, "Hey, you're looking" Emphasize on key words like "hot" and "soda" If he says yes, be sure you can actually get him a soda or ice cream. When you bring it to him, flirt a little. When you leave, make him want MORE by flipping your hair and walking off. You can add a little swivel to your hips, too.
  • Once you've gotten him something, back off for about 12 minutes. You don't want to seem needy. Then, wander back to the lifeguard stand with your friends. Make small talk--ask him where he's from, or his fave food,TV show or music. If he shows interest, keep pushing. Eventually. ask him out. There's nothing to loose, and he might say yes!