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Girl Topics

We are all normal girls with normal problems, right? I hope so. This section is here for your entertainment and maybe it will help you. Each month I will write a new article with topics that you care about. Topics you can relate to. This month's first topic is guys. And crushes. And how to handle them.

OK. So, your crush is headed your way. Let's say his name is Bob.He waves to you. You're all ready with a speech prepared to ask him out when.... his girlfriend sweeps by and grabs him away. You are speechless. You didn't even know he had a girlfriend! How do you deal?

Here's my philosophy. They will eventually break up. It could be next week, it could be next year. But come on, chances are they won't get married. So say they do break up a week later. Jump for joy. Be prepared to be turned down. But go ahead. Ask "Bob" out!

But say it's been a year and they haven't broken up. As hard as this is to admit, they are happy together. Do you want to ruin that? And chances are, there is one guy that you are really meant to be in love with. And hopefully one day you will find him.