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The Fashion Review

Been needing a new look for so long? Dying for Jennifer Aniston's wardrobe minus the big bucks? In this newsletter, Elena (Head editor at Just For Girlz) reviews the latest trends, disses the worst trends and gves you money advice for your threads.

Hey guys, what's up. It's Elena, the new writer for The Fashion Review. I'm gonna start off by saying that if this offends you in any way, remember that I am going with the top fashion magazines, not my opinion. Dont' take anything personally. OK. Now that we've got that covered we can get started.


This top is one fat fashion no-no. I can't believe all these superstores think that off the shoulder tanks are in. First, they are totally unflattering to all body shapes. The one shoulder look straightens any possible curves this model could have. To me it just does not work.


Here are some frequently asked fashion questions.

  • I am a little bit larger than most people, but not extremely overweight. What can I wear to make myself look longer and skinnier?

    First of all, never wear horizontal stripes. Those create the image of more width instead of length. Try wearing tank tops (not spaghetti straps) with ribs or thin vertical stripes. As for pants, avoid baggy pants. Believe it or not, snug fitting flares or jeans create the vision of less weight.

  • I am very petite with no figure or shape at all. What can I wear to accent a slight figure? What styles will make me more curvy?

    A good style tip for that is to wear low riding pants or shorts and have a cropped top end about one inch before the hem of the pants. This shows a little skin, and accentuates curves with the low riding pants, which make the hips hang out more.

  • I have a low budget but I need a new wardorbe. What should I do?

    Two words: Thrift store. It may smell like dirty feet inside, but once you get into you can find so much cool stuff. I bought a black mini skirt, a red halter top, a black zip up sweater, chunky platforms and a silver necklace for seven dollars!! But you gotta have time. It takes energy, effort and patience.

    Belt It Out, Girl!

    Sick of those plain, passe brown or black leather belts you've been wearing with your jeans? Then lighten up with this season's colorful new varieties.

    Take a stroll through your local mall and you'll notice that, when it comes to belts, there are tons of alternatives to leather. In fact, most of today's hottest belts are made out of ribbon or heavy-duty canvas. Some are even totally sparkly and perfect for a hot night on the town. Best of all, most of our favorites come in one size and are fully adjustable, meaning that you can share 'em with your sibs and best buds.