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Waz up NOW!

Must See Summer Fashions!!

There's a gazillion more of these types of tops at ALLOY.COM. Aren't they kute? (My personal fave is the blues clues one!! I LOVE Blue's Clues!!! So does my gal-pal, Jenna!!!)

Celeb Gossip!!!

The first piece of Celeb Gossip News is: Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt (finally) got married!!!! They tried to keep it secretive from the press, but...oops somebody spilled the beans!!! The truth: Oh yeah....the ouple really got married!

I have recently heard a new Britney rumor which could or could not be true. I heard she kissed Justin Timberlake!!! (Sorry Justin-lovers!!) The truth: Not sure. I think that they could be having a secret relationship....or not.

Here's another rumor I heard: U know those Q-ties from Making the Band? I heard Ikakiah quit and they replaced him with another dude!!! As we know, there has always been quite a personality clash between Ikaikah and the rest of O-Town...but Wow!! The truth: Yup....Ikaikah quit and was replaced by Dan Miller who has a much better attitude.

Here's a new rumor sent to me from Susan in New Jersey: I heard that Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar are going out. The answer: This rumor is true!! The sweeties have been 2gether for a few months now, and seem very happy together.