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Exclusive Celeb News!

Welcome to Celebrity Updates and rumors. This a brand new page and I'm putting on exclusive new and gossip about the celeb world, plus never-before seen TRL photos taken in the TRL photo booth!!!

Here's Blink 182!

Here's some pics of Jennifer Lopez!!

Check out Tom Green!

MMmmkay,now for some celebrity gossip.

  • Brit and Justin ARE a confirmed couple.The sweeties were cuddling at the VMAs in september. Also, Britney Spears is going to be in a movie. It will be about three high school friends reuniting in college and taking a road trip together.I think that unless Britney's a convincing actress,people will only see her as Britney Spears and no one else.

  • Now.....u kno O-town from "Making the Band"? Well they have a new vid,that debuted on TRL at number ten. Their album will be released on Jan. 23,2001.

  • Now another Nsyncer is in a relationship! Lance Bass and Beverly Mitchell from 7th Heaven are "crazy about each other." Says a source. WOW!

  • Alright, I know for a fact that Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossadale ARE going out. Many thought they broke up because of a bit of gossip on the "Seventeen" magazine website. (I won't name names.) Did you see what Gwen wore at the Grammy's? Her dress was sooooo cute! I'm a huge No Doubt fan!!