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Squeal! Advice for Girls

Do you need some advice about friends, family or guys? You've come to the right place. Ananymously e-mail me at (click on the address below) with your problem and I will post with an answer within 3-4 days! >

I just got back from a camp. I met awesome friends there. I seemed like I could really be myself. Now that I'm back at school, I feel like a part of me is gone. I feel like I'm hated, underapreciated and not loved at all! I felt the exact opposite at camp. I feel like I'm in a horrible nightmare. Plus, one of my BFF's deserted me to hang out with the "popular crowd". I really miss all my camp friends. I feel like I'm not real. Help! I am in immense pain. What should I do?!

That's a total bummer. If your camp friends live not too far away, arrange regular visits, if possible. Too far away to do that? Email and telephone. Also try to arrange so that you'll see each other next year at camp. I know, I know, it's not that easy.But you don't have many choices. As for your school problem, well, it sounds like you need to ditch your friends if you feel unloved and unappreciated. That's not what friends should do. Get involved in after school activities to make new friends. Or strike up a convo with the shy girl you sit next to in English. You have to try to make new friends. If it keeps up, look into switching schools were you can start fresh. You have lots of ways to solve your problem, so instead of just pouting about it, get up and do something!

My mom is being such a stupid dork! She won't let me do stuff with my friends without "tagging along" to join the fun. She shops at teen stores jsut to be "hip". She wants to fit in with me and my friends so that I will think of her as a cool mom. To me, it would be cool if she just stayed out of my life! What should I tell her?

Write her a letter. Express to her that she does not have to try so hard to be hip. Say that she is still cool if she is just herself. Also say that as a growing teenager, you need to learn to seperate parents from friends. Tell her you would love to run some earrands just you and her, and you would also love to go shopping with your friends. Hopefully she will understand.

I'm kind of a loser at my school, and this really popular girl threatened to beat me up because I stole her makeup. I didn't steal anything from her at all, and I'm really scared this girl is going to pound me. She's tough and I'm sort of a wimp., What should I do?

Go to a counseler or principal immediatley. Sit down with whoever you are talking to and say loud and clear 'I did not steal so- and-so's makeup and I would never steal anything from anyone.' Then once the authority reacts, say 'This girl is threatining to hurt me. If school is supposed to be a safe enviroment, why do I not feel safe?' If you have good staff at your school, they will help you with this. Good luck!

I am absolutley head over heels for this one guy. There's only one problem--he's a celebrity. The thing is, I know if he met me he would luv me, so why should I waste my time pining and instead hook up with him! What should I do?


Whoa, there. No offense, but that sounds kind of, ummm, CRAZY! (lol) I want to you really listen to what I have to say, even if it sounds a little harsh. You need to get over the fact that you will most likely never be together. It's OK to have a celebrity crush, but when it becomes weird (Like losing friends.) you need to get real. Unless you know each other, he most likely isn't going to show up at your door and pop the question. But if you are really determined to get together, write this celeb a fan letter expressing your feelings. I hate to break it to ya hon, but he probably won't respond. But it's worth a (loooooong) shot!

I have had a serious crush on this guy for one year. He recently got dumped by his steady GF of two years. We used to be great buds. We hung out all the time and he was totally sweet and friendly. I figured now that they are done, this is my time to swing in and show my crush what he's been missing for two years. But he doens't talk to me anymore and is being really distant. What's up?

OK, this is pretty serious.To me it sounds like your crush is totally bummed over his breakup. (Who wouldn't be? I mean, two years?!?)If I were you, before asking him out, I would let him get over his ex slowly. He would just feel worse if you asked him out right away. Once he gets over his breakup, carefully build a close friendship. Once you two are, like, superclose, tell him your feelings in a letter or e-mail. Be gentle and don't scare him away. (Come on, guys are pretty sensitive about this stuff!) Good luck!

My mom is being a total b**ch! She tells her friends details about my personal life! I used to tell her everything, until I overheard her telling her best friend how I dumped my boyfriend. I listened in on a phone call she had with her sister, and they were talking about my body! I have already asked her to stop and she says "Oh, I would never talk about you. What makes you think that?" And she says that with a straight face!! Please help!

First of all, good idea to stop telling her things. Obviously your mom is a blabbermouth. But think about it. Have you ever caught yourself trash talking your BFF? Or slipping out your cousin's biggest, most deepest secret? It's kinda like that. And if you stop telling your mom things, she won't have anything to say about you. But if it just gets worse, this might sound immature, but trash talk her back! Tell all her secrets to your friend and family members. Maybe one day she'll catch you and get a taste of her own medicine. Ha!

I am not exactly Ms. Athlete. I'm not really good at sports, but I'm OK. But ever since I started seventh grade, the PE teachers are really strict, and I can't do push ups. I do them wrong and my teacher grades me down. It's embarassing to not be able to reach their high standards. What should I do?

I think you should talk to your PE teacher alone. Explain to him/her that you are not exactly the best at sports, and that you do try your hardest. Tell the teacher that you will try your best to improve by practicing at home. Then follow up on your promise! Every day after school, jog around the block. Start slow, like a block. Once you build up, try two blocks. Also practice crunches, push ups and stretching. If you be consistent, you will improve! You just have to have the desire to excersise!

Q: I still like my ex-boyfriend, but he is not interested in re-starting a relationship! I'm getting frustarated. He won't return my calls and he doesn't listen to me when I talk to him. Is he mad at me? Please tell me! -Missing my Ex

A: I hear you, girlfriend! I think you should get over this dude. Obviously he's too self centered to be willing to listen to you. Has the cute neighboor been catching your eye? Or the shy boy in your PE class? Give it shot. You've got nothing to lose!

Remeber, email me at the address below with your problem and I'll answer it! I promise!

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