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Poet Riffs

Poetry Of James Urbino

"Into the Night"

Every where I turn its the same old story, night and day with its sad lament. Sinful pleasures with self possessed treasures, everything is a lie. Into the streets with all its madness, looking’ for an answer. Street lights gleaming with a spotlight on gloom, people singing a silent tune, junkies with there ghostly eyes, walking dead and living lies Street hustle is the life, a life of stealing’ for the food of dope. Shooting galleries with insanity floating in the air…no one cares. Confusion with dreams of illusions.

"Whisper's in the wind"


The cold wailing wind with its haunting echos bouncing off the walls. Coldness surrounds my heart as I listen to the whispers of the wind. To ward off lonely memories, I pace my cell and indulge in pushups. There’s no escape from the solitude, which binds me, my journey has taken me to a barren landscape of pain and lost dreams. Oh whispers in the wind speak to me. Like an eagle I wish to soar above it all, to take in the beauty of everything that’s good. Precious rain could wash away the filth of my existence. I see the young enter this beast of confinement with arrogance and false pride, yet it is obvious that a wall of protection is being put up. The smell of fear lingers in the air, with sounds of keys and clanging doors. Voices thru intercoms dishing out orders, like robots we move to the drum of the tick tock of the clock. Oh whispers in the wind speak to me. As I gather my senses for another day, I pray for strength and stability to nourish my brain. A society within cold gray walls, where the rule of thumb is based on respect and weakness is the road to grim realities. I listen intently as the wind bears down its song, it sings to me alone, words that warm my soul. "Whisper's in the wind speak to me "

"Vision of time"

Visions of time, faces come to mind, they bring sadness of memories lost. Times of confusion when life turns to illusion thats a vision of time

Well I know theres no bringing it back now the book has closed, theres a new chapter, mistakes that haunt where their's no laughter, thats a vision of time

Theirs a road I know but I must take it slow, remembering where I came from

Lifes highway has many ups and downs, tears with fears lost in a vision of time

"Through space and time"

Through space and time your always on my mind, even though were apart your always in my heart. My love, there are so many things I want to say. Words alone cannot express what is in my heart. No matter where this journey leads us, I pray that I will never lose you. I truly believe you are someone that is very very special to me, so keep your chin up, don't feel down. There are many good times ahead of us, I do believe. Through space and time you will always be mine.

"Dark passages"

Into the world I go, bumpin on walls every step of the way. Man, life can knock you down and give you the blues. I'm not going to stay down i'm going to refuse !

Like a fighter getting off the deck, getting stronger and wiser. Dig the people who know it all, pocketful of money and plastic faces. Phony partys and closets full of secret tale's that scream to be exposed. Follow the trail of smut and it will lead you to its master. Cannot fathom the idea of selling out for a dream, dispicable thoughts of schemes and things. Evil people surround me daily, on the streets, in the store, they mingle freely. Can only be humble to an extent, cannot be broken for a dream. Dark passages with doors that speak can bring havoc for those who are weak.


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