======================================================= (Updated 12/19/98) VALENTINIAN 1 (b. at Cibalae, Pannonia, Emp.) M. VALERIA SEVERA M. JUSTINA | GALLA VALENTINA M. THEODOSIUS 1 | GALLA PLACIDIA M. ATHAULF | WALLIA PLACIDIUS M. (A BALTIC COUSIN) | WALA (PRINCESS OF THE VISGOTHS) M. SUEVIAN/SWABIAN (K. of Swabia) | RICINA/RIGINA OF SWABIA M. GUNDIOC/GUNDERIC OF BURGUNDY | GODIGISEL OF BURGUNDY (d. 406 C.E.) M. (DR. OF D. OF CHAMPAGNE) | (DAUGHTER OF GODIGISEL OF BURGUNDY) M. AFRANIUS SYAGRIUS OF ROME (K. of Sossions, c. 465 C.E.) | AFRANIA (DUOTERIA OF ROME, c. 470 C.E.) M. FARROLUS (DUKE OF MOSELLE) | TONANTIUS FERREOLUS OF MOSELLE (d. after 475 C.E.) M. (N.N.) | ANSBERTUS/AUSBERTUS OF MOSELLE M. BLITHILDA/BLITHILDES | ARNOLD (1) BISHOP OF METZ M. ODA OF SAVOY | ST. ARNOLD (2) BISHOP OF METZ M. ODA/DODA OF SAXONY | ANCHISES/ASIGISEL M. BEGGA OF BRABANT (NEVILLES?) | PEPIN OF HERISTAL M. PLECTRUDE M. ALPAIS | CHARLES MARTEL M. (N.N.) CONCUBINE? | PEPIN THE SHORT M. BERTRADA/BERTHA | CHARLEMAGNE M. ( 5 WIVES ) | LOUIS 1 THE PIUS M. IRMENGARD M. JUDITH | LOUIS THE GERMAN M. EMMA OF BAVARIA | CARLOMAN M. LITWINDE | ARNULF M. ODA | HEDWIGE M. OTTO OF SAXONY | HENRY THE FOWLER M. MATILDA | HEDWIG M. HUGH THE GREAT (DE GROOT) | HUGH CAPET M. ADELIZA DE AQUITAINE | ROBERT 2 M. (THREE WIVES) | HENRY 1 M. | PHILIP 1 (K. of France, 1060-1108) M. BERTHA (dr. of Florenz I, Ct. of Holland) | LOUIS 6 THE FAT (1108-1137) M. ADELAIDE OF SAVOY (dr. of Humbert II, Ct. Savoy) | LOUIS 7 THE YOUNG (1137-1180) M. ALIX OF CHAMPAGNE (d. 1206) | PHILIP 2 AUGUSTUS (1180-1223) M. ISABELLA M. INGEBERG OF DENMARK | LOUIS 8 (1123-1226) M. BLANCHE OF CASTILE | LOUIS 9 (ST. LOUIS) (c. 1226-1270) M. MARGERITE OF PROVENCE | PHILIP 3 OF FRANCE (1270-1285) M. MARIE OF BRABANT (d. 1321) | CHARLES OF VALOIS M. MARGARET | PHILIP 6 (c. 1328-1350) M. BLANCHE DE EVREUX | JOHN 2 THE GOOD M. BONA | LOUIS 1 (DUKE OF ANJOU) M. | LOUIS 2 M. IOLANDE OF ARAGON | RENE D'ANJOU 1 (THE GOOD) M. ISABEL OF LORRAINE M. JEANNE DE LAVAL (SISTER OF BLUEBEARD?) | IOLANDE DE BAR M. FERRI 2 (FREDERICK) | RENE D'ANJOU 2 (DUKE OF LORRAINE, d. 1508) M. PHILIPPINA DE GUELDRE | CLAUDE 1 M. ANTOINETTE | MARIE DE GUISE M. JAMES 5 OF SCOTLAND | MARY STUART M. FRANCIS 2 M. LORD DARNLEY | KING JAMES 1 OF ENGLAND (c. 1603-1625) M. ANNE OF DENMARK | ELIZABETH STUART M. FREDERICK 5 | SOFIA M. ERNEST AUGUSTUS | KING GEORGE 1 (c. 1714-1727) M. SOFIA DORTHEA | KING GEORGE 2 M. CAROLINE OF ANSPACH | FREDERICK LOUIS (PRINCE OF WALES) M. AUGUSTA | KING GEORGE 3 (c. 1760-1820) (AMERICAN REVOLUTION) M. CHARLOTTE OF MECKLENBURG-STRELITZ ======================================================= Ref. "Le Sang Royal de France," Georges, Comte de Morant, pub. 1922, Paris. "Compendium of World History," Vol. 1 (1962) and Vol. 2 (1963), Herman L. Hoeh, Copyright 1963-1965, Ambassador College. "Royalty for Commoners" by Roderick W. Stuart, 1992. "The Plantagenet Ancestry," W.H. Turton. "Pedigree and Progress," Anthony Wagner, The Queens Herald. "An Encyclopedia of World History," compiled and edited by William L. Langer, Coolige Professor of History, Harvard University, 1948, Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston. "Fall of the Dynasties," 1963, Edmond Taylor, later edition publ. 1989, Dorset Press, New York. "The Making of the Past; The Egyptian Kingdoms," by Ann Rosalie Davis, 1988. "Royal Correspondence in the Hellenistic Period," by Charles Bradfor Welles, Ares Publishing Inc., Chicago, IL (Unchanged reprint of the 1934 edition). "Genealogies Historiques," a French book of European Royal genealogies. "Genealogy and Chronology of the Ramesside Period," William Kevin Miller, Univ. of MN, PH.D, 1986. "Mark Antony: A Biography," by Eleanor G. Hunzar, copyright 1978 by Univ. of MN. "Pedigree and Peerage." "Royal Genealogies," by James Anderson, D.D., printed in London, 1736 by James Bettenham. "Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists who Came to America before 1700," by Weis, 1992, 7th edition. ======================================================= Copyright 1998/1999 The Roman Piso Homepage (All Rights Reserved)
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