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~Constable Ichabod Crane~

"I've reached in darkness and come out with treasure I've laid down with love and I woke up with lies What's it all worth only the heart can measure It's not what's in the mirror....but what's left inside." --Stevie Nicks, "Sometimes it's a Bitch"

Ichabod Crane is young, ambitious, somewhat weak-stomached and relentlessly twitchy (in a good way) and arrives as a constable from New York to investigate the murders.
Ichabod is, since his mother was killed for supposvley being a witch, an aggressive non-believer, a "Scully" for the story with a bit less ability to make his point.
Ichabod is, despite all of his flinching, a brilliant investigator and obviously quite gifted in autopsy and sciences. He can be quite the hero if he wants to be (which is actually quite often) and is deeply in love with Katrina - even as he is forced to believe she is the one behind all the murders, he refuses to arrest her and just decides to leave.
All this is what makes Ichabod the first (gasp! wow!) hero in a movie I actually appreciate and somewhat like. Nearly all movies feature always the same old idea of heroes being heroic all the time, can look on corpses, ghosts, monsters and whatever with as much calm as looking on a wall, and are just these super-moral-morons. Ichabod is different from that, which is maybe why essentially he's so cute. :)