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It has taken me long enough to get this done, but finally its finished.
I would like to dedicate this work to the one of the greatest men i have ever known. My grandfather. Earl Robert Waye

Keiths Big Page Of Things

Well, again, by demand, there has been an update of my site. I have added a new section dedicated just to Kris and 'The Gentlemans Club'. If you would like to contact me, click on the link at the bottom of the page. I like to know who has been looking at my site.

Courtesy of Kris
These are pictures and links pertaining to my brother Kris and the exclusive Gentlemans Club.

On a more serious note, it has been brought to my attention a travesty of justice being brought towards the Gentlemans Club
by those 'friggin feminists'. Read about it below.
  • CBC Coverage of the Gentlemans Club lawsuit part 1.
  • CBC Coverage of the Gentlemans Club lawsuit part 2.
  • CBC Coverage of the Gentlemans Club lawsuit part 3.

    Party Pictures
    These have been collected over the past few years, and are growing as I type this.

    The next 5 pictures are from our first roadtrip to Halifax, where we met the two best partiers I have ever seen. Thanks for the good times.
  • Rick, Jen, Gianna and John.
  • Gianna firing me through a wall
  • The Whip-Cream incident (Not suitable for children)
  • Rick, Me, Gianna, and John...More of the above mentioned incident
  • Gianna and I before i went through the wall

    Pics of stuff

    The CJ incident...if you were there you would understand.

    The Following are pictures from aunt Tracys wedding.

    The following are pictures of friends, family and good times.

    The next two pictures are of my other tattoos, they aren't that great, but when I get better pics, I'll be sure to post them

    The following are pictures from our trip to Halifax for snowjam. The first 11 are the newest ones scanned. As of May 7, 2003.

    The Following are pictures scanned from the Miramichi leader after the 2001 canoe run.

    Recently I came across a few pictures that had to be on here. Photo Credits for the following pictures belong to Kimberly at ......Check out her site for some more great pictures.

    Mail to Me