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Weight Management Programs

Quickstart Pack AU$ 189.00

Advanced Pack AU$ 254.00

Ultimate Pack AU$ 326.00

Shape Up Now Pack AU$ 112.00

Sports Pack AU$ 245.00
Contact Details
Jason Fletcher
22 Goobar Street
Narrabri, NSW 2390
Mobile: 0408 461 339

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Seperate Product Prices
Formula 1 AU$ 47.00
Formula 2 AU$ 18.10
Formula 3 AU$ 19.30
Formula 4 AU$ 8.20
Formula 5 AU$ 26.30
Formula 6 AU$ 42.00
NRG AU$ 32.80


Herbalife Independent Distributor

For more information on any of the Weight Managment Programs, please call me or press

get this gear!


You do not have to buy the products in a pack, each product can also be bought separately, If you are interested please enquire.

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Additional Products
Thermojetics Peach AU$ 66.00
Thermojetics Original AU$ 66.00
Tang Kuei AU$ 25.60
Xtra - Cal AU$ 21.10
Hetbalifeline AU$ 54.75
Florafibre AU$ 24.00
RoseOx AU$ 46.70
Protein Powder AU$ 42.00
Roasted Soy Nuts AU$ 25.50
Protein Snack Bars AU$ 39.50
Aloe Concentrate AU$ 51.00

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