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Welcome to Gold Rush Slots

Gold Rush Slot Machine

Your v-chips will be converted into coins and then used for the slot machines. After you have entered money into the machine you have the option of playing from 1-3 coins or 1-4 coins, depending upon machine. You may hit the bet max button to play for the maximum amount of coins and the reels will automatically begin to spin. The pay outs for the slots are displayed on the machine itself. In order to win, a winning combination must be displayed in the center of the reels.

Machine Games

When playing the machine games, your V-Chips will be turned into coins so they can be dropped into the machine. All that is required is to left click on the coin slot and drop in the number of coins you wish to bet.

The slot machines accept anywhere from 1-5 coins in denominations of either $.25, $1.00, $5.00 coins. Pachinko is played with balls rather than coins. You have the choice to buy balls either 1 or 5 at a time at a cost of $.05 per ball.