Gloria Hayley       

Welcome to Gloria's page. If you're a casting director, producer, or any other person involved in the casting process, here 's my headshot and resume .  (Voice clips/ monologues will soon be available. )  Otherwise,  I'll start by telling you a little bit more about myself.  I grew up in a little town in Pennsylvania. I've been interested in acting since I was five. Unfortunately, circumstances didn't permit me to pursue a career in acting until I started college. 

My interests are acting (obviously), reading, shopping, bartending and creating new drinks, belly dancing, and hanging out with friends.

My very favorite poem is "Somewhere I have never traveled " by e.e. cummings.   Never read it? Experience it by clicking here. I think cumming's power lies in the preciseness with which he uses words.  I especially appreciate the strong images evoked by his words.

My favorite foods: tacos, Pizza Hut Pan Pizza*, crab stuffed flounder, lobster tail, streamed clams, Chi-Chi's chicken nachos, or anything fried, funnel cakes, Italian Hoagies, Chinese food, and of course, ice cream (no flavor in particular-I love it all!) By now, you probably think I'm a big, fat pig. No, I'm not a big, fat pig. I don't eat this stuff on an everyday basis-except for maybe ice cream, but that's only when I have it in my freezer.

* I haven't eaten Pizza Hut Pizza for a while now ( about a year to be exact.  Guess I no longer crave it anymore), but it's a good recipe so I'm leaving it on my site. 

My favorite movies: Terms of Endearment, Titanic, and Only You

My favorite flowers: purple/lavender roses and orchids

Incidentally, I have become quite a fan of Jeff Leatham.  He says he wants to be "a crazy flower poet".

Gee, If anyone ever feels like sending me flowers, sells lavender roses.  

What's new?  

    I've just completed my latest film called The Object of my Affliction.  I play Michelle, the nosy hairdresser.  :-) Basic Storyline:  Sabrina is in love with Gordon and must overcome the objections of his parents.  

I will soon be adding voice clips/monologues, and hopefully in the very near future video clips as well.  

I'm adding a guestbook, since I've had pretty many visitors.    

I'm still working on my belly dancing.  

I'm adding links to fellow actors' pages, so if you're interested in a banner exchange, please let me know.  

Interested in hiring me?  Please contact  my agent Cheri McEachin at 609-332-9394 or email her at , or if all fails, you may contact me at:  

*I am interested in legitimate projects only. I will not do any porno or otherwise tasteless filth. I am however, interested in all kinds of projects, theatre, television, and film.

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