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Atlantic Mariculture Ltd.
P.O. Box 924 - Grand Manan - NB - Canada - E5G 4M2
Tel: 506-662-8150 * Fax: 506-662-8850

Welcome to the Atlantic Mariculture Web site! We supply DULSE, a chewable sea
vegetable - rich in vitamins and munchable minerals wrapped in fragrance and flavour!

- the nutritional alternative for a healthy lifestyle!

Dulse gatherers at work
Harvesters at work gathering fresh,
wet Dulse from rocks at low tide.

Atlantic Mariculture was started by a group of biologists and harvesters who believed that natural food products can be harvested, husbanded and nurtured in the sea with a minimum upset to the near-shore ecology. We harvest and cultivate organically grown vegetables that convert sunlight and natural nutrients from the fertile garden of the sea into nutritious and tasty food products.

To ensure that a supply of high quality Dulse will continue to be available, sustained yield harvesting of clear Canadian Dulse is planned on the basis of detailed underwater surveys and on ecological studies of these lush beds.

Our Dulse is hand-picked by experienced harvesters and taken to nature's own solar drier - the sun heated rocks of the drying field.

Our Dark Harbour Dulse comes from the cold waters surrounding Grand Manan Island. The North Atlantic is laden with micro-nutrients that have been absorbed since time began. From this clear, cold garden of the sea comes Dulse - a natural detoxifying vegetable which provides a primary source of essential vitamins, minerals, protein and trace elements.

Return at sunset
Returning to Dark Harbour at
sunset after a tide's work

The broad spectrum key nutrients necessary for life and germination are naturally preserved by sun-drying. The delicious taste, melt-in-the-mouth texture, and delicate colour are naturally preserved by careful handling, storage and packaging.

Thoughtful, discerning people have learned to eat sea vegetables to aid in physical maintenance and to appreciate the intriguing taste. In an era when many people give houseplants better care than their own bodies, the rapidly growing number of Dulse lovers is a restatement of man's inherent survival instinct. We do not presume to claim that one will only be healthy by eating Dulse; we do suggest that the impressive nutritional analysis below speaks for itself!

(These nutritional assays were done by the Silliker Laboratories of New Jersey and the Plant and Soil Analytical Lab., University of Maine at Orono.)

*   These macronutrient guidelines are determined by assuming that an adult male's recommended daily energy intake of 2300 calories is derived from 10% protein, 30% fat, and 60% carbohydrate, according to U.S. Dietary Guidelines.

Recommended Dietary Daily allowances, (or RDA's) are determined by the National Academy of Sciences as nutritional guidelines for "good" health for "most" people in the USA and Canada.

Ranges of recommended daily intakes are provided by the Academy where there is insufficient information on which to determine an exact RDA. Figures in both categories are for a middle aged, middle weight, North American male.

For more information on this wonderful sea vegetable or to learn more about Grand Manan Island and the beautiful Bay of Fundy, why not visit the Grand Manan Tourism Association web site at

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Organic Dulse Flakes - Bottled
Packaged in 28G (1 oz.) glass bottles
12 bottles per box
6 boxes per master case
21 lbs. gross weight per master case

Organic Dulse Leaf - Packaged
Packaged in 40G (1.4 oz) cello bags
10 bags per display case
3 display boxes per master case
4.5 lbs. gross weight per master case
6 master cases per strap

Organic Dulse Leaf - Bulk
50 lbs. per plastic lined mahogony box
Organic Dulse Powder
75 lbs. per plastic lined jute sack

Organic Dulse Granules
50 lbs. per plastic lined jute sack
Organic Dulse Flakes
40 lbs. per plastic lined jute sack

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Atlantic Mariculture Ltd.
P.O.Box 924
Grand Manan Island, NB, Canada
E5G 4M2
Tel: (506) 662-8150 * Fax: (506) 662-8850

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