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So you want a sorcerer eh? A nice choice. Many people believe that sorcerer's are the best hunters. I personally don't believe that, but I still think that they are a very good profession, and I try to stay out of their way. Also the RP possibilites for sorcerers are very wide-spread, so it's easy to have fun.


Ok, the prime statistics for sorcerers are Wisdom and Aura. I strongly recommend dark elves for sorcerers, and all of the stat placement ideas will be based on that race. Now as far as the stats themselves go, I would place Strength the highest, followed by discipline, followed by wisdom, followed by aura. Reflexes fifth, dexterity sixth, logic seventh, and intelligence eighth. After that you'll want constitution, and charisma. That's all for the standard stat placement.


Ok, right away double the sorcerer spell circle, then next level double the minor spirit, then the next level double the minor elemental. This way you will have 6 spells at level 2 and you'll be able to cast them all. My only advice for what spells you learn is single the sorcerer circle every level no matter what. Single edged weapons right away, so that your DS is higher in guarded where you'll hunt from. Also train in shields, and getting mana sharing, magic item use, and scroll reading would be a good idea as well. Beyond that you'll want to single physical training, percetion, and either climbing or swimming. Once you get 102 in magic item use, scroll reading, and mana sharing, you can pretty much stop them, and spread into other things of your choice. Also, try to have 4 trainings in armor use by at least level 20, so you can wear full leather without any hindrance. That's pretty much it on training.

Hunting Tactics

The standard hunting strategy for sorcerers is to stay in stance guarded, and cast mana disruption (702) at the target until it drops dead. I find this to be the best part about sorcerers, the fact that they can use their best hunting weapon from guarded stance. It's a good idea to spell up before you go out so that you can hunt bigger creatures. That's all on hunting tactics.