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JAJ Branchwood Morgans

JAJ Branchwood Morgans is located in the eastern part of North Carolina between Raleigh and Greenville. The Morgan Horses of JAJ Branchwood Morgans are of World Class Lineage whose Stallions and Broodmares have consistently produced winning get. Breeding services are available through collected semen and through live coverage. The results of the training and breeding are proof that today's winners are producing tomorrow's champions. Whether it is Western, English, Junior Exhibitor, or Classic Pleasure, the blood lines at JAJ Branchwood Morgans are well suited for the show ring.

Contact Information

JAJ Branchwood Morgans
Joe Anne Jones
P. O. Box 668
Farmville, NC 27828
(252) 753-8587

JAJ Bel Shashar's Frozen Semen is for sale by JAJ Branchwood Morgans' owner, Joe Anne Jones, and inquiries are invited.

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