(Photographs by Mark Fiennes)

Jennifer Lash, called Jini, born 1938, was a painter and a novelist. She wrote her first novel, "The Burial", at the age of 23 in 1961, and this was followed by four more over the next 20 years. She married Mark Fiennes and with their six children they moved between Suffolk, Wiltshire, Ireland and London.
In 1986 she learned that she had cancer and, after a painful operation, embarked on a solitary pilgrimage through France to Santiago de Compostela.
Throughout her illness she continued to write, leaving "Blood Ties", perhaps her finest work, behind.
She died from breast cancer on December 28, 1993, at the age of 55. All her books, except of "Suffolk Song Cycle and Other Poems", "Blood Ties" and "On Pilgrimage", are currently out of print and can only be found with much luck in libraries or second-hand book shops.

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"The Dust Collector" (1979 -The Harvester Press Limited)
For Will Quinlann

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Drawing by Jennifer Lash

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