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She is not just a catchy name or outside package. If you take the time to see the inside, there is so much more to her than meets the eye.


I Believe

I believe in miracles and dreams that will come true. I believe in tender moments and friendship through and through....... I want to dedicate this homepage to my special friends and family who take the  time to see beyond and love and know me, for it is you that help to make me who I really am and I'd like to think that there is a little piece of each of you inside me that makes me whole. Thank you for the gift of friendship and love. I hope I touch each one of you in a special way and that I can give back to you what you give to me.


One of the most important things to me is my role as a mother. I think the highest compliment I could get would be from my kids. My daughter becca had to make a memory book for school. She chose to do it on me and dedicate it to me. After reading her book i was deeply touched by her and will cherish it forever. To have your teenage daughter think of you like this is amazing to say the least. I can honestly say we are best friends and share an open and wonderful relationship. The same can be said for my son, so I must be doing something right. Look for yourself and see....


This is a poem written for me by "Becca"

"The Beginning"

By: Rebecca King

I love you more than yesterday,

but less than tomarrow.

I'll love you as long as the sun rises and sets.

And as long as the moon shines its light at night on our earth.

My love for you is as vast as the deep blue oceans.

And as countless as all the grains of sand on the world.

The heavens above want you,

but can't have you.

Because you are my angel

and I will never let you go.

As the stars light up the night sky,

You light up my life in every way.

And like long ago,

how the stars were the sailors guide,

You are mine.

You are like the sun,

The center of my life,

My love for you will never die.

For you see this is just the beginning,

and the most I can write,

for it would take far too long to say,

write or even show.

So just always remember that you mean the world to me

and that I will always love you.

Another poem she wrote using my name

Torture you may go through

sometimes but

Even so you are always

Respected by all who know you

Returning respect to them and helping

the people you love and care about

In the most wonderful way a human

possibly could and will

List of adjectives she uses to describe me:

1. beautiful

2. supportive

3. cheerful

4. funny

5. charming

6. bighearted

7. fascinating

8. irresistable

9. joyful

10. special

11. kind

12. angelic

13. pure

14. sincere

15. gorgeous

....Umm.... I think I'm the lucky one to have such a great daughter.

This is picture below is of myself (barbie310) and my daughter becca. Like mommy like daughter. Isnt she sweet!! lol

One of the things I have enjoyed doing over the past several years is coach soccer. I have had AYSO teams as well as CLUB CYSA teams. I have coached at the Jr. High and High School. For the past two summers I have taken my Club team to Hawaii to a soccer tournament.

Becca with our first place trophy

These are pics of my kids

The following is collections of poems.

Either written by me or friends for me.

These are special to me. Writing is a favorite way of mine to express yourself.

I like to write poems and stories and love it when my friends do the same with me.


Beyond the realm of visions

where the living cannot go,

There lies an ancient place

Where visions never grow.

A light left on inside of us,

To tell us of our fate.

A savage trick reminding us,

Before it gets to late.

No more digging up old memories,

Upon this hallowed ground.

For the lives that we keep seeking,

Are simply never found.

We once shined with forgiveness,

A last day to unlearn.

Our visions seem to scream and shout,

Of thoughts we never knew.

We let our eyes become too old,

So now we cannot see.

We let our visions grow to mold,

Never to be free.

Seeing truth in purest form,

Is to live without a doubt,

To use that truth against the norm,

Is to find out what lifes about.

"Torn in two"

A hand reaches out.....

to shelter and comfort.

Sits waiting, with patience and yearning.

biding his time......

Seeing thru her veil,

the hidden treasures shes afraid to share.

Gaining trust they begin to unfold.

Wondering eyes craving to hold.

Hidden moments in sporadic session.

Whispers heard away from ears,

Waiting and wondering bringing forth tears

Lonliness locked away in isolation.....

Then feelings blossom with her trust.

Because of the "L" word,

not speaking lust.

Special moments, special touches,

then he slips away.

As if it never happened,

leaving unanswered questions the next day.

Confusion and emptiness.....

her heart fought against its pain.

Two hearts so erotic,

how could one refrain??

Wishing that her lonely heart

would somehow finally heal.

Kisses come in whispered rhymes,

seeminly so real.

While others there dare to compare,

and boast him for their own.

Sitting, listening....

She finds it hard to accept.

Feeling uneasy, deep down not

wanting to share.

Gentle kindness, caring ways....

qualities so rare.

These are qualities that attracted her,

giving them up to hard to bear.

Uncertainties comsume her,

her visions just dreams to lure.

Answers of the future

eventually will come.

Passions, dreams......

can only be made true,

When hes ready to search down deep

and pull them from his soul.

For they are locked away

waiting to be released.

Take the chance, hear the call,

and listen to the heart,

happiness stands waiting...

its been there all along.

"Arms wide open"

Anticipated moments......

A hunger for a touch.

Treasured beginnings....

Memories yet to come.

Special thoughts and hopes,

cradled in the heart.

A love so strong......

never felt before.

So rare....seen only in dreams.

Yet somehow with eyes wide open

She walks forward......

it is in her reach.

Trusting, believing, the gift

is hers to accept.

Arms wide open, she welcomes him in.

Her world is no longer hers alone,

but now is theirs.

Together, forever,

they have been blessed.

The light is on them,

They know not why,

but without questioning they become one.

As doubters look in,

choosing not to believe.

It effects them not,

for they can only see,

The path given to them.....

so real, so good, so right.

There future is now complete.

One who thought she would never find it,

And one who thought he already had it.

Both learned how wrong they had been.

And now with brightness upon them,

They walk forward as one.

The night grows cold, but the warmth

of your kiss embraces me,

I melt into your eyes rapidly.

The sun warmth cannot compare.

The winds couldnt move me

as we stand lip to lips.

I would sell my soul to the devil for

just one kiss and then throw him down

for thinking I would oblige.

You have to understand that the world

is full of love.

But I could count to a million, a million

times before anyone would catch up

with me.

You are majestic, fairytale like when

you speak.

It carries in and through my body like a

bolt of lightning.

Stand next to me and let the moon smile

upon us so bright that the gods cant



Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some people move our souls to dance. They awaken us to new understanding with the passing whisper of their wisdom. Some people make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon. They stay in our lives for awhile, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never , ever the same. I hope that by knowing me I can do each of these things to you and make a difference in your life

I hope this has given you some insight to who barbie310 really is and thank you for taking the time to see beyond the outer package and look inside of me.

Before you go please sign my guest book so I know you were here.

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