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Welcome to Martina Axen, Drum Goddess. This site is under major construction, it's been a while since I updated anything really, but I'll work on it. you can reach me at

Since February 27th, 2000

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July 21, 2001 - Long time since last update and still nothing realy major to update on. Martina and Anna's new band name is Superfix as many of you already know by now. Still working on new cd.

6-30-00- Great Chat occured yesterday with Martina, Anna and Flavia of Drain S.T.H. The women confirmed that Drain S.T.H. is no longer a band, BUT, Martina and Anna are working on a new project and Flavia still wants to pursue music herself. Martina and Anna are moving to US soon to California.Martina will be singing in their new project. Flavia is putting together a new band also. As far as I know about Maria she is now living in UK. This site will always exist because this site is not about Drain S.T.H, it is about Martina Axen.

6-23-00- Sad, Upsetting news DrainHeads =[ "Drain STH have now parted ways and are pursuing different interests, former lead singer Maria has gotten married to Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi and moved to the U.K., while guitarist Flavia has also gotten married and moved to Brooklyn, NY. Meanwhile drummer Martina and bassist Anna are currently working together writing new material and are planning to relocate to the U.S.A. to form a new band." CHECK OUT

6-7-00-Today is Flavias birthday, she turned 37! Happy birthday to Flavia Canal

4-1-00-Today is Martina Axens birthday. She turned 34! Happy Birthday Martina!!!!

3-26-00-Drain STH will NOT be performing at Ozzfest 2000. Bands that will be there are as follows: Slipknot, Ozzy, Kittie, Deadlights, Godsmack, Static X, Pantera, Incubus,P.O.D., Methods of Mayhem, Queens of the Stone Age, Ministry, Taproot, Primer 55, Pitchshifter, Disturbed, Crazy Town, Shuvel, Slaves on Dope, Pumpjack.