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ADD-Spouse Homepage - Welcome!!

Here to support YOU

Add- Spouse was created in May of 1998 by Kathleen, who saw the need for Partners, Lovers and Significant Others from around the world to have a "safe place" to discuss life with a Partner who has ADD/ADHD.

Toward the end of 1999, Kathleen's marriage came to an end, and she felt the need to move on and handed the reign to Sarah to take over as Moderator in 2000.

From the very beginning of Add-Spouse, Kathleen had been a guiding light for many people who have joined ADD-Spouse.  She gave wisdom, compassion, vulnerability and strength of character that will be deeply missed, but we endeavor to continue where she left off, and offer our support to those in need.

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ADD-Spouse Aim:

The Members of ADD-Spouse aim to "be there" for one another, to be a supportive body for each other, not only during times of stress and upset, but also through the happy times.
We are here to listen, to give our perspective and sometimes, advice.
We are not here to be judgmental, but to be a caring shoulder when it feels like the rest of our life is spinning, and doesn't understand.

We are here to laugh, cry and commiserate with you.  To help you up when you're down, and share in your joy when you are up.

Support Contact:

Please feel free to contact any of the below.
This service is particularly for NON-members of ADD-Spouse.

Email:  ADD-Spouse Support Email

Guest Book:

Please sign the ADD-Spouse Guest Book to let us know you've been here and to tell us what you think of the site.
All comments & suggestions are very welcome.

To Subscribe:

Send an email to or click here for details on how to subscribe.


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***Thank you for caring enough to help!***

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