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Violetta Sinclair

Background: Violetta didn't start her life as a Tremere, or begin it in 1633 or for that matter always use them name Violetta. Her story begins long before in a land the Greeks named "between the rivers", Mesopatamia. The year was 4499 B.C.. Before even the Sumerians populated this land there was a race called the Ubaidians. As they introduced agriculture they settled in communites and began to live off the land. They were a simple race but even they had a name for her - Lilitu. As a Lilitu, her true form is that of spirit, most say demonic. Only needing to become corpreal to feed. In these times the shroud or gauntlet between the phyiscal & spirit worlds was much thinner so made the transistion much easier and more fun!. But not much is known of these people today and their name is a modern one, given to them after a village unearthed thousands of years later called Al Ubaid. Their history is hidden and so it shall remain. Now, the Sumerians are a different matter. So that is where we will shall begin. Suffice to say that, in the time between, Violetta began to learn how to move between the humans unseen and gain what she needed from then. Her needs were simple and so where the times. Lets move on to the year 3200 B.C., where the Sumerian culture had already been developing for a hundred years. This was the dawn of civilisation, city states sprang up all over the valley with great monuments to the gods and temples upon which great ziggurats sat. It was a powerful and exciting time and Violetta adored it. Now, the Sumerians were aware of gods and spirits that shared the earth but understood their place among them. This could help or hinder how Violetta existed. If she become too known or even feared by the them, she would leave the city state and move on to another. As a Lilitu, born of Lilith; she was considered to be a demonic spirit that had the ability to become corpereal, by the Sumerians,who had a fairly good understanding of the supernatural. A good priest could make life very difficult to the likes of Violetta and she enjoyed the pleasures of the humans too much to be sent back to whence she came. So she travelled. Transmuting from spirit to flesh so to intice humans to lie with her. She adored their excited reactions to her beautiful and sensual form and the Sumerians knew how to party! She watched their culture grow over the next 300 years, visited their temples, seduced the priests and stole a little bit of life form all she had contact with. From one city to the next, Kish, Sippar, Ummar and Ur all were just overflowing fountains of life. Then the invaders from the north came led by King Sargon of Akkad. With him followed SOLDIERS!. Strong young men full of life and with it a willingness to share it. Violetta was in rapture. She left the scribes, priests and artisans and sort out the armies instead. When the Sumerians were replaced by the Babylonians she followed King Hammurabi's armies as they spread into new lands and witnessed the glory in battle, the rage, the passion, the lust. The Babylonian empire came and went, followed by 350 years of struggle as the empire split into nations. When the Kassites overran Babylonia she was there to tend to the troops every need. But it wasn't until the Assyrian empire began to swarm over the area in 1400 B.C. did she really begin to enjoy herself. Constant warfare had made this race fierce fighters and Violetta desired every bit of them for it. Armies were in constant battles keeping the empire united and Violetta would accompany them to distant places so to soak up the culture and the very life that supported it. But it was the Kings that reined that caught her attention. It was during this time that Violetta perfected the ability to pocess a human host. She only chose the most beautiful, most seductive. Before long she would was keeping a host alive and beautiful for as long as she could and when she got bored of them simply moved on to another. Unfortunatly for the host they rarely survived the experience as Violetta would use up every available drop of life within them to support herself. Some would last longer than others but all would die a cruel death. It was this ability that enabled her to get close to the Kings and really begin to have fun. (That and the rest will follow as soon as I get a chance. sorry *s*)

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