Random Fandom opened officially a few days ago. Pop in and enjoy the read! And CATS fans, take heart for I have at least one more parody up my sleeve. Look for that to be posted in the next couple of weeks. Until next we update... live long and stay groovy. *shrugs* Trying my new image on for size. ;)

Hello all you loyal fans! (If there are any of you left out there) After letting this site "go to seed" as it were, I've come back to explain a decision I made and hope everyone will understand.

I'm not taking the Central down! Far from it. I intend to leave it as is, but it will probably be updated very infrequently from now on. I'm sorry to say that I've lost touch with Matt and that right now I'm not really in a parody mood. There might be one from time to time, but mostly, my creative efforts have turned towards other forms of fanfiction.

Which brings us to the second part of this announcement. The Central will be split from now on. At the main index page there will be a link to my other fanfiction of various types. This section should be going up ASAP and will be called "Random Fandom". My stories range from "Newsies" to "The Monkees". I hope you'll read some of these as well!

As the Central approaches it's second anniversary I hope these changes will keep it going from years to come. Here's to us! Here's to parodies! Here's to.... swiss cheese? *shrugs* Alright, so I'm still a little crazy. What can I say? *grinz* >^..^<

- Veronikitty/Kelonzi *~purrs~*

Leaving this *happy* family RIGHT NOW!