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Self employment: TOP Home based Business Opportunities
BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIESTOP Home Based Business Opportunities . Self employment.



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If you're looking to work at home in a business opportunity you
can run yourself . We've got your answer!  We searched hundreds of work at Home Employment websites and came up with the BEST Home Based Business Opportunities on the Internet today. These are legitimate well-organized companies offering work at home-Business Opportunities that can provide you with either part-time or full-time income. Work in the comfort of your home while earning a good income.

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The DHS Club

Guaranteed DOWNLINE, Guaranteed INCOME !

Watch your downline increase BEFORE spending any money!

The DHS Club is a unique Internet Buyer's Club that enables you as a VIP Member to have your own affordable, Internet Business.
It's FREE to join our Post Launch Program !
  As Free Member, you get high Group Buying Rebates (up to 25% with possibility to DOUBLE your rebates!) from your purchases through DHSC's Online Mall.
A DHSC Business is not some type of risky "get rich quick" or  "pyramid" scheme. Rather, it is a dynamic opportunity to steadily  build a large, long term, recurring, residual income by telling others about the savings and income potentials of the Club.

"Refernet" Marketing Plan, "Vertical Integration" Network  Development  Plan and "IMAP", our Internet Training Plan, make the DHSC Business Opportunity unlike any MLM, Network Marketing or Direct Sales opportunity that you have ever seen before !   ALL new members who join after will be placed in ONE Straight Line down under you. YOU can easily get 500 to 1000 members under you in a single month!
We are hopeful that you will join together with us, as we create the largest consumer group in the world.
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has !

There is absolutely NO RISK to get involved and NO COST to join our Post Launch Program.  To sign up simply  CLICK HERE!! All information comes with your FREE Membership ! JOIN TODAY !!! We will confirm your position and send your Member Numberà as soon as possible.
For more info go to FAQ page

DHSC has an Upgrade Option called
Here's the "Top Ten List" of VIP's Benefits :
10) DOUBLE REBATES As a VIP, you'll earn twice the rebates, compared to Free Member, by shopping through our ClubShop Mall. That's up to 55% from 100+ Online Stores (250,000+ items)
9) VIP BENEFITS PACKAGE As a VIP in the U.S. or Canada, you will have a truly fantastic Benefits Package that will save you money on a wide variety of products and services
8) FREE VACATION You will be entitled to a complimentary 3 day/2 night vacation
7) YOUR OWN BUSINESS you will have a home internet business (with a complete online Training Program) that you can work part time or full time.
6) BUILD A GUARANTEED, RESIDUAL INCOMEt - guaranteed and residual - income that can come into you month after month for the rest of your life.
5) A COMPANY THAT YOU CAN COUNT ON The DHS Club has been in business for well over three years already , is debt free and has yet to ever receive a complaint or even an inquiry from the FTC, any AGs or even the BBB!


The Ultimate Edge Club

Place Your Ad on15 Million Web Sites Every Month!
Send 1 Million targeted Emails Every Day!

Launch your Business into the Stratosphere!

You can put your message in front of millions of potential customers, it is the fastest most effective method of advertising on the Internet.
No longer be dependant on submission companies that charge 100's of dollars to submit to a fraction of the sites you'll be able to reach as a Member of the Ultimate Edge. This is your business, you're the one responsible for its success or failure. Don't put your future in the hands of strangers. Real Time Submission ......Blast your Ad to15 Million Web Sites! Is this for real?
Yes it is..... But that's not all...
  • Blast your Ad to Classifieds!
  • Blast to FFA Pages!
  • Blast to Search Engines!
  • Learn How and Where to Advertise!
  • Receive 4,700 Free Reports with Resellers Rights!
  • Receive Free Email Accounts!
  • Free Internet Access!
  • Free Web Page Hosting!
  • Free URL Forwarding!
  • Free Ezine advertising!
  • Free Software!
  • Free Mail Program!
Annual membership provides all this for only $44.95 
Once you becomes a member of our resellers program you will receive 50% on all new members you introduce to our advertising club. Plus 50% on all other purchases made within a three month period.


Put your ad on 17,241 websites for FREE

People from all over the world sign up like crazy! You can now benefit from one of the most efficient advertising tools and affiliate programs ever released on the Internet! Money Making SECRETS about FFA Pages Revealed!!! PUT THE POWER OF REVERSE MARKETING TO WORK FOR YOU!!!! It is far better to host an FFA page!
Now there are SEVERAL FFA networks that enable you to host your own FFA site. How do you know which one to choose? After months of investigations, we’ve narrowed our choice down to just ONE – and that company is "FFA NET!" THESE GUYS ARE BIG! With over 50,000 member websites, FFA NET is the LARGEST FFA network on the web! They have had over 1.6 BILLION links posted, and over 14 MILLION links are added to the network DAILY!

1. The EMAIL ADDRESSES of everyone that visits your FFA site!

2. A color choice makes YOUR ADS stand out from the rest!
COMMISSIONS when other marketers sign up as "PRO MEMBERS!"
5. Our "THE SECRET FFA FILES" Website!
As a "Pro Member" you can earn hundreds and even thousands of dollars of RESIDUAL MONTHLY INCOME with FFA NET’s lucrative twelve level compensation plan. If a person only signs up for a Free Page, YOUR ID is places on his page (That’s right! If you’re NOT a "Pro Member," you have another "Pro Member’s" ID on your page, and HE’S GETTING ALL THE CREDIT FOR YOUR SIGN-UPS!!!) But as a "Pro Member," there is NO third party advertising on your site at all! If someone signs up as a "Pro Member" from your site, YOU GET THE CREDIT…AND THE COMMISSIONS!!!
"Pro Membership" is a mere $17.95 a month, and is backed by a full 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!!

The FFANET Business Partner membership is propably the most efficient affiliate program on the web right now - and for years to come! Becoming a "Pro Member" is optional, but is highly advisable, since this will allow you to instantly make cash from OUR "THE SECRET FFA FILES" WEBSITE!" This is a POWERFUL tool to sell a person on the benefits of becoming a "Pro Member" with the FFA NET network! It was strategically and systematically designed to be your silent, AUTOMATIC salesman. And NO ONE (not even other FFA NET "Pro Members!") but PowerTeam "Pro Members" have it!



Potential Return - INCREDIBLE!.

With '2Bucks' an AD, your ad will run in at least 5 different ezines, and for less than you would pay for one advertisement in most cases. Some groups contain up to 11 ezines. If you choose one of those groups you pay LESS THAN $1.00 per ad!!! The price are always $10.00 per group. The more often your ad is seen, the more credibility it receives. Credibility leads to sales!
There are currently 135 Ezines/Newsletters participating in this program, divided in 14 main groups + one special group. The total subscriber base is 206.000+ (December, 2000), NOT COUNTING the special group of small ezines.
NOTE! These are opt-in Ezines where subscribers made personal subscriptions to read interesting content. Not to be confused with "mailing lists".
The subscriber base is, of course, growing daily and is higher when you read this.
We sell ads in groups of minimum 5 E-Zines. Some groups are enforced and contain 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11 ezines. However, you pay only $10 per group. The special group contain newly started ezines with subscriber list less than 300 each. We sell ads in those ezines as "add-on" to the main groups for only $5 for the whole group, currently 25 E-Zines.

At '2Bucks' an AD, with just one sale, you've made your money back and a whole lot more - if not, you've lost very little!
With this program, both parties benefit.
YOU receive ads for '2Bucks' each,
THEY receive subscribers and potential future advertisers.
"I have used the '2Bucks'  Ad program three times now. I'mvery pleased with the responses I have received from my ads, especially since I am not exactly a "marketing guru" YET! If my ads get hits from '2Bucks', anyone's can! Thanks for making advertising possible for the "little guys" on a shoestring budget. I'll be back! "
- Deborah Washington

Total Saturation E-Mail Management System


THE BEST HOME based BUSINESSES - Self employment

* This is a 100% SPAM Free - 100% Opt-In - 100% Legal
* 100% fully Automated - No Setup Required!
* This is a 100% TARGETED mailing to prospects that have asked to be in a variety of opt-in groups

Self employment is the way forward - increase your income
We have selected only UNmoderated opt-in groups in a wide variety of categories, including new business ideas, opportunities, products and services. Rest assured that your advertisements can be read and reviewed by people truly interested in your products and/or services. There are potentially millions of targeted buyers willing to purchase your product/service. Targeted email resources have been extremely expensive and out of reach to the average marketer. Many companies charge more than $200 for a single mailing to 1000 emails addresses!
You can use it to market all of your products and services. You get access to the Total Saturation email system emailer. You get all updates FREE of charge, fully automated (no work on your part). You will have access to the Total Saturation email system 24 Hours Per Day!


The Total Saturation Email System also comes standard with the complete set up... No confusing instructions to follow, no chance of getting your own email address bombarded with counter offers... We are going to completely set up everything for you!

Email account

List Subscriptions

Subscription Confirmations

Filters Updates

Custom Online Emailer

ORDER NOW For Only $49.95!
(limited time offer ... Price subject to change without notice)

Try our system for a full 30 days risk free!
- No Headaches - No Hassles - No Worries -

The Total Saturation email system has been created with the Internet advertiser in mind. It is based on opt-in safelists. Using the Total Saturation email system, you'll be able to send your offers to all members of these groups. Simply access your online email system, type in your ad and click on the send button You can never be accused of spam. No flames, no complaints, no hassles that are usually associated with email campaigns.
When you purchase the Total Saturation Email System, you are getting the most advanced system offered anywhere in the world... All Set Up And Ready To Go! Just type in your ad and click the send button.


FREE SmallBizFFA website

Your ad on 111,000 sites & 15,900 FFA's for FREE!

People from all over the world sign up like crazy! You can now benefit from the most efficient marketing tool and affiliate program ever released on the Internet! By combining and totally automating four of the most powerful marketing tools available on the web today, your FREE SmallBizFFA website will place your classified ad on 111,111 websites like this, and in 5,555,550 emails each and every day - without SPAMMING!
As of Today I have 685 people out here promoting my site from using this amazing tool!
As SmallBizFFA BusinessPartner you get a $16 commission from every BusinessPartner membership sold in your entire downline, UNLIMITED LEVELS DEEP! You will make commissions not only from the BusinessPartner memberships sold in your downline, but also on the sales made from the links in the "Recommended Services" section of your SmallBizFFA website, and from all the FREE SmallBizFFA websites in your entire downline, UNLIMITED LEVELS DEEP!

The SmallBizFFA Business Partner membership is propably the most efficient affiliate program on the web right now - and for years to come! Becoming a BusinessPartner is optional, but is highly advisable, since this will allow you to instantly make cash from the SmallBizFFA website's extremely powerful self replicating features.



Discover the Jealously Guarded Insider Secrets and
Resources so valuable that they had to be locked in a vault.

Learn How to Turn Any Web Site into an Instant Cash Machine which Automatically produces its own hits, makes its own sales, processes its own orders, and practically takes care of itself ...without spending a cent!
The Profits Vault is for you if you would like to learn...
  • A "secret" technique to increasing your prices while at the same time doubling or tripling your response rates. 
  • How to increase your response rates by 27% by adding one specific thing to all of your pages. 
  • How to make your product 10 times more valuable in your customer's eyes without spending one extra red cent. 
  • A 7 step paint-by-numbers formula for advertising any website...advertising online is easy, if you know this simple formula. 
  • How to overcome buyer's resistance in 90% of your web visitors...and how this can cause you to sell 3000% the number of products you normally do. 
  • How understanding one key sales word which starts with a "T" can mean $1,000s of dollars in additional profits to your web business. 
  • How to start your own affiliate program...and how to build a huge affiliate network with tens of thousands of people selling your products for you. 

Plus if you order right now you receive the following 8 bonuses:

  1. The Handbook to Reprint Rights Riches  ($14.95 Value)
  2. The Internet Marketing Cashflow eManual  ($29.95 Value)
  3. The 60-Page Internet Marketing Training Manual  ($97.00 Value)
  4. The Methods of Marketing Masters BIG Collection  ($197.00 Value)
  5. Full Access to the Profits Vault for 12 Full Months ($97.00 Value)
  6. Personalized One-on-one Assistance  ($200.00 Value)
  7. How to Open the Profits Vault Without Spending a Penny  ($312.25)
  8. Reprint Rights to Internet Cash Machines  (Priceless!)
You Can't Lose With Our Guilt-Free NO Risk Guarantee and Access to The Entire Program and Every One of the Bonuses... ALL For ONLY $39.95!

Inside the Profits Vault you will find an arsenal of fresh web marketing products that we have purchased reprint rights to, brand new products we have developed ourselves and a roadmap to the latest products and services available to jumpstart your internet success. All total, there are 2,846 completely free cutting edge resources awaiting you just inside the locked doors.
Please take action today.
The Profits Vault is very new and we are only extending this introductory pricetag of $39.95 for a few more days.



Make money and do nothing!

The whole purpose of Gold Club is to recruit members for you and provide an easy way for you to sponsor people and view your downline online without paying a single cent.
It really is amazing how the program works. Sit back and watch or speed things up and refer people to the website. But after you have 14 in your downline you are then invited to join the paying program, in profit. It costs nothing to look at, nothing to join and there is entirely no obligation.
The FREE Gold Club  makes sure that you will succeed before you sign up with the MLM company.

Soft Touch Marketing Safe List

3,000 FREE Email Addresses! Plus FREE Bulk Email Software!!

BONUS#1   6,000+ List of Opportunity Seekers!
EMS Mail Server Send e-mail directly from you computer.
  Now you can download a program that generates a code for unlocking EMS mail server. You can sell full working editions of EMS Start selling copies TODAY!
Free Affiliate Program! Make $8.25 per sale! Membership NOT required.
There is a fee of $20 to become a full member with bonuses,
You will receive over $200 in bonuses when you join as a fully paid member!

L.D. Publishing

1075 FREE Internet Business And Computer Related E-Books!

L.D. Publishing information-packed "Internet Marketing Private Site" is loaded with all the business information you'll ever need to succeed on the internet. You'll learn how to create your own products or services, how to write order-pulling ads for them and how to market them on the internet.
Become A Reseller And Make $5.00 Per Sale By Joining  Affiliate Program!
It's Only $12.00 To Get Lifetime Access To Everything You Get  Inside and ..
Lifetime Money Back Guarantee!

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