Miami, FL (South Beach) 2003

"Mayn, hol up!"
We ran the strip for a week...
Please believe it

Spring Break Miami breakdown:

Went to Miami with fellow Columbians, Brandon and Uzo to catch some rays, sipped on Long Island iced tea in VIP wit Vince Carter and DJ Clue, bagged chicks for Clue, talked to the baddest chix from every school, seen P. diddy rollin in a baby blue Bentley, seen Allen Iverson in his stretch Expedition baggin every dimed out J.O. chick on the block, used J-Red's Neptunes connects and got into clubs VIP for free every nite and partied until 6am, ate shrimps next to my man Timbaland, chilled on the sandy beaches and enjoyed the 90 degree weather, seen the craziest cars sittin on nothin less then '23 sprees, smoked cubans and ran the strip with my Tufts Univ. homies (Jared, Reggie, JT, Jodie, Uchena, 'n Junior), met up with all my CU homies (Tito, Dorian, Steve, Reggie, Maurice, Marco, John, Noel, Otto, etc.) and played beach football against them with my "T-Unit" peeps on a beautiful and most memorable day, chilled at a model party with tha prettiest of women I've ever seen, and...damn..
The rest is a faded memory man....

Phrase of the trip: Mayn, hol up!!!
Word of the trip: Jump Off, or J.O. for short
Drink of the trip: Bacardi O
Song of the trip: Snake (fellas u know y)


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