My sweetheart

"Why Would A Precious Rose Wilt Away
Without Ever Getting The Chance To Bloom?"

In this section, I would just like to take the time and say Rest in Peace to my little baby cousin, Maria Kabir. Maria, you were a true fighter, sweetheart. When the doctors told you that you would only live for 48 hrs, you proved them wrong. The nerve of the doctors at Yale New Haven Hospital for saying that they wanted to study you if you died, since they "have never seen a baby survive and fight for her life" like you did. Don't they know that science means nothing when a child has the will to survive?? Don't worry about it... You defied science, baby girl. You were a miracle from the moment your eyes shined on this world. The short time I spent with you made me so happy. I wanted to stay with you longer, but I had to go back to school. On top of that, I felt confident that you would make it through and come home, since you already overcame great obstacles already. I cannot express how I feel now that you are no longer with us. I walked around my school's campus and fronted like I wasn't in pain the whole time you were in pain. Now, I walk around and front that I'm not devestated that your are gone. Just your ask God why he took you away just because of one irregularity. Why couldn't He extend the miracle? I mean, you lived for so long and your body condition improved the second time I saw you; why couldn't He just fix it for you? You were so little and innocent... You were like a bird that never got the chance to fly...a flower that never got the chance to fully bloom... The moment I laid eyes on you and your twin sister, Loraine, I fell in love. Your births were two things that made me genuinely happy to be living life under these stressful times. You both made me feel like my future days would be worthwhile and enjoyable. I'm so sorry that I will not be able to spend my days with you... Although I prayed and genuinely cried to God that He would let you make it, I guess it was not in His ultimate plans for you to stay. I just guess that God meant for you to be with Him, in order to avoid this cold and corruptive world we live in. See, despite my pain, I realize that you are in a better place now. I know your innocent little soul is looking down on us and your sister. Don't worry; enjoy yourself. I will take care of your sister - mark my words. Just remember that your cute smile and stare will always be missed by me and your family forever. I will never forget your eyes... Rest in peace, baby girl. 2/27/03 - 3/31/03

My other sweetheart, Loraine
Here I am with your sister Loraine on my 19th birthday.
I missed your presence baby girl...I love you and miss you.

The beautiful Iris flower

"Angels never truly die; they just spread their wings and fly"

Speaking on behalf of the entire Hill Regional Career High School Class of 2002, I would like to dedicate this section also in the memory of one of our most beloved and cherished classmates, Iris Palaez. Iris departed from earth on March 30, 2002 in order to enter Heaven's peaceful gates. Although we miss her dearly, we are certain that she is looking over us from the heavens above and, hopefully, she can see all of the love and affection that we truly have for her.

Iris- you were a sweetheart, not only in my eyes, but to the countless others who were privilaged enough to know you. You always brightened up my day with your warm hugs and sweet giggles. I will never forget the smile on your face everytime I playfully complimented you on the wonderful smell of your hair. Although this detail may sound trivial to others, it was innocent things like this that made you who you were. As much as it saddens me to know that you chose to leave us that fateful Easter Sunday, I am certain that you are still with us in spirit. We all miss you dearly...please do not forget that.. Rest in peace

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