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Here I Am Once Again... Once Again I Put Myself In Your Hands To Judge. I`m Not Looking For Love, Admiration, Or Attention.. All I Want To Do Is Share Myself With The World. I Just Want To Give People An Idea Of Who I Am, What I`m About, And What My Views And Perspectives Are All Through The Two Most Beautiful Forms Of Art That Exist...Written and Visual Expression. With That Said, Welcome To My Page... Welcome To Who I Am... Welcome To Me... The Basic "Need-To-Knows" Can Be Found On The Menu To Your Left. So Just Sit Back And Snap On That Belt 'Cuz This Is Going To Be A Wild Rollercoaster Ride Of Emotional Ups And Downs...


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CU's Alma Mater in front of Lowe Library

Okay okay! Almost two years are done for me and all I can say is that I'm having a blast mayn! This is what dreams are made of... The only thing is, these dreams are coming true. My first year at CU helped me to expand my mind, to recognize and respect the diversity of people, and to learn a little bit more about friendships and relationships. This past year, I utilized what I have learned about society and bettered myself as an individual, all while accepting the fact that we don't live in an idealistic world anymore. There's always going to be haters and envious people out in the world, but with faith in God and the support from a great family and some truely loyal friends, no one will come in the way of my dreams.. Yess sirrr, please believe it! Holla at me.

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