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This section is being updated.. Peep some of the new & upcoming albums below and browse through the older reviews. Keep checking back... more info about albums will come soon!

2Pac- Better Dayz -- ***10.0!***

2Pac's New Album entitled 'Better Dayz is dropping Nov. 26th!! All fans should go out and support the fallen legend of hip hop... He is truly one of the most talented poets, dead or alive, of all time. F*ck that, he was a lyrical and philosophical genius! This is the double album follow-up to 2001's Triple Platinum double-disk 'Until the End of Time.' This album's production is absolutely superb in comparison to UTEOT, which recieved much critism from fans and reviewers last year. This time around, however, the fan's voices have been heard! Album as a whole is cohesive and the beats are very eclectic! Just previewed the whole album and, I must say, it is looking to be a true classic! There U Go, Fame, My Block Remix, and This Life I Lead are my personal favorites, although I am feeling EVERY song on this album -- something that rarely happens, even with Pac releases. Complete review coming soon!! Purchase the CD on Nov. 26th though; trust me, you will not be disappointed!

Jay-Z- The Blueprint 2: The Gift & the Curse -- 9.0

Double album follow-up to 2001's Double Platinum 'The Blueprint.' Great production and hits on this jam packed album. Not as soulfoul as last year's "Blueprint" and definately not a classic, but a good cd overall. Review coming soon!!

LL Cool J- 10 -- 7.0

Review coming soon!!

Dr. Dre- 2001 -- 9.0

Dr. Dre 2001 is Dre's return to the rap game. Its a message to all the people that said he fell off that he didn't go anywhere. He just took a little time off but he is definately back now. The Chronic 2001 (its obvious that name was dropped because Dre felt he'd sell more records if parents weren't nervous about buying a cd for their kids with marijuana as its title) is full of bass bumpin beats and cool, relaxed flows that West Coast rap is all about. Tracks like F*** You (w/ Snoop), B**** N****z (w/ Snoop), and Xxplosive (w/ Kurupt & Nate Dogg) give us those mellowed out beats that make you wanna just chill out and..ya know. Then of course theres the party tracks Still D.R.E. (w/ Snoop), The Next Episode (w/ Snoop), Let's Get High (w/ Kurupt), Ackrite, and Bang Bang. All five have uptempo, dance beats. Mad DJ's bump Still D.R.E. in the clubs, so u know thats the anthem right now! Also, theres a song with Mary J. Blige that is good. It is a sad r&b song about Dre's brother who was killed. The hot gansta songs on the album are The Watcher, Big Ego's, What's The Differerence (w/ Eminem & Xzibit), and Some L.A. N****z (w/ Xzibit, MC REN, and King T). Forgot About Dre (w/ Eminem) is an uptempo song that is hot to death and the best track. Overall, Dr. Dre 2001 is a classic CD and is a must for all collections!

Nas- Nastradamus -- 7.5

Nas' latest effort, "Nastradamus," is a good cd but it is not as great as his last album, "I Am...," which came out earlier this year. The second album of the two (that were originally supposed to be shipped together as a double album) is all about prophetic visons of the new millenium and the usual "gansta sh*t" Nas brings. What I do not like about Nas is he continuously tries to be like Tupac. Even after the beef that started about Nas trying to bite off his style (example: 2Pac's song ALL EYEZ ON ME and Nas' STREET DREAMS), he still continues to bite off 'Pac after his death! Sayin things like "Thug Life, it's mine" are not going to help him in escaping the wannabe 'Pac image he has created for himself. In the track Shoot 'Em Up, which was produced by Havoc of Mobb Deep (another fellow beefer), Nas says, "Kill Kill Kill, Murder Murder Murder." Not many know this, but 2Pac says the same in an unreleased version of his song, Life's So Hard. Well anyway, I thought I should point this out. The album itself has some hot songs. Of course Shoot 'Em Up is one of them. Nas uses his flow to make the song sound like a holiday song (I forget which one though). Another very hot song is Family (w/ Mobb Deep). It has a great beat like one of those Moose Hunting documentaries HAHAHA! Thats the best way I can describe it. Its a great song. The other hot songs are Come Get Me, God Love Us, Project Windows (w/ Ronald Isley), and Life We Chose. One bangin' song is You Owe Me (w/ Ginuwine). Timbaland produced it and it's hot. Good album, but not great.

Notorious BIG- Born Again -- 8.0

Born Again, the second posthumous album from The Notorious B.I.G., is sure to go about 5x Platinum. This album is pretty good but I was expecting more. Many people I questioned said that they thought the songs were going to be hotter and would have phatter beats. I was surprised that the song "House of Pain" featuring 2Pac was not put on the album as it was noted to be earlier. I guess Mr. P Diddy could not get clearance from Death Row Records. That song is hotttttt!! Well, this album is very good though. I gave it a respectable 8.0 because of some blazin tracks like the first two singles- Notorious B.I.G. (w/ Puffy & Lil Kim) and Dead Wrong (w/ Eminem). Another hot song is Hope You N****s Sleep (w/ Cash Money). It was produced by Manny Fresh, the man responsible for every Cash Money track. There is some critism from fans that Puffy got Cash Money on the album to sell more records, despite the fact that Biggie never knew any of the Hot Boys. I really don't care for that much, if its a hot track- its a hot track. Who gives a s***? Other phat songs are Biggie (w/ Junior Mafia), N****s, Can I Get Witcha, and I Really Want To Show You (w/ Nas and KCi & JoJo). The three hottest tracks in my opinion are Big Booty H**s (w/ Too Short), Would You Die For Me (w/ Puff & Kim), and If I Should Die Before I Wake (w/ Ice Cube, Black Rob, and Beanie Sigel). Big Booty H**s is funny as hell! When we first got this album a week earlier than its release, everyone was dyin after hearin this song! Too Short is the man HAHAHA! Would You Die For Me has a bangin beat and Biggie says crazy s*** that had me and my friend dyin, "Keep it real with you, you keep it real with I... we be tight like frog's a**" The song is like Nasty Boy from Life After Death, with a club beat. If I Should Die Before I wake is just a hot song because of obvious reasons. The HOTTEST song though has to be Tonight (w/ Mobb Deep). I can hear this track over and over. It's similar to Long Kiss Goodnight from Life After Death. It's directed at 2Pac and the beef they had. I love the song, even though I personally like 2Pac more than B.I.G. The track is just pure energy. Its one of those songs that gets you pumped up to annihilate your enemies. Its sort of like the Moose Hunting documentary-style song that Nas has with Mobb Deep. I'm feelin it!!! I recommend getting the album; its not bad.

2Pac + Outlawz- Still I Rise -- 9.0

It has finally arrived!! The fourth posthumous album from Tupac Shakur is a 15-song collection of unreleased material recorded by 2Pac back in 1996. The album features songs 2Pac did with his protégés, The Outlawz. The Outlawz added some finishing touches to the album and, after being delayed for two weeks, it was finally set for release on Dec. 21st. As many of you know, Tupac died Friday the 13th in September of 1996, after being in a coma for 7 days. There is always the rumor that circulates that 'Pac is still alive after every record release. After the album entitled Don Killuminati, the 7 Day Theory came out, people have always had a belief that this was the black version of Elvis. Even though he was a workhorse who always was in the studio recording tracks, this album does not put this theory of faking one's death to rest. In the song entitled Killuminati, 2Pac says something worth pondering. My man goes, "Wonder why these n****z crossed me, I'm certified crazy. So sick the world made me, now Biggie died. Every time I ride, it's for reason. 'Bout to kill a n****, 'cause I'm coming back like Jesus." Hmm… I am not going to go into that much. Come up with your own conclusions about those lyrics. But anyway, the album is banging as a whole. It's very deep and has a lot of messages in it. Letter to the President is about how the ghettos of America in general are still the same even after President Clinton came into office. This is basically 'Pac speaking for the people who are on welfare and who are experiencing some hard times. Tear Drops and Closed Caskets is a song that is very good. It features Nate Dogg and all of the Outlawz. It is about how best friends can turn into enemies over a girl. I really like this song and it has a story-line flow to it. Then there are the other deep songs with an R&B flavor such as Still I Rise, The Good Die Young, Black Jesuz, and U Can Be Touched. I consider U Can Be Touched to be the best song. I always listen to that track. Still I Rise is also a very good track that I love. It has an acoustic beat that 2Pac flows over with a majestic style along with a few of The Outlawz and talks about how he made it to manhood from a drop of semen. The Good Die Young is a great song about life and death, as is Black Jesuz. The darker songs are Secretz of War, High Speed, Tattoo Tears, and Hell 4 a Hustler. These HOTTTT, trust me! Especially Secretz of War! The song "Baby Don't Cry (Keep Ya Head Up II) is currently blazing the radios and music television channels. I think that is a very deep track for females everywhere who have ever been raped. 2Pac was convicted of rape before he was set free on 1 million dollars bail before he died; I believe this track lets the truth be told. How could a man rape someone if he was making songs for women to move ahead in life after being raped?? It just does not make sense how he could have been guilty. The man was totally misunderstood by the media. Well anyway, buy this album! It is one of the best CD's and that is why it earns a 9.5 rating.

DMX- ...And Then There Was X -- 7.5

DMX's third effort is not as good as his last two releases but it does have its good points. The first single, What's My Name, is a very energetic and raw song that leaves the listener pumped up. Its a good anthem for athletic events or when people feel like they need an adrenaline rush. I'm serious! Another good song is Party Up (Up in Here). It's sort of a different approach from DMX because it is a party song that seems DMX is trying more and more to go mainstream, which is not bad at all. You sell more albums that way. Other than those two songs, the other really good song I liked was the song One More Road To Cross. It's sort of spiritual in a sense and has a lot of deep meaning. I am feeling it. I guess I can relate to the song so it is cool. Other good tracks are Comin For Ya (which is kinda funny...ya gotta listen to it), More 2 A Song, and Here We Go Again. I really didn't like the song with Sisqo. He could've did better but whatever. He dropped three albums in less than 2 years, ya gotta give X some credit. Well, the album could have been a lot better but hey, it's DMX for cryin out loud!!!!! People are gonna buy it regardless so who cares

Jay-Z- Vol. 3...Life and Times of S. Carter -- 8.5

What more can I say about Jigga? He is definately the man of the hour. His flow is unique and possess a lot of insight. His fourth album is great, if not greater, compared to his last certified 5x platinum Hard Knock Life...Vol. 2. The intro's and outro's on this song are phat too! The first single that ruled the airwaves, Do It Again (Put Ya Hands Up), was a great club song. I loved that single. Other hot songs are So Ghetto which stresses how Jay-Z has not gone mainstream and "sold out," so to speak. He proclaims that no one can change him and he remains "gutter." This is hottttt! Dope Man has a good story line to it. It is not about what you think. In actuality, it shows how Jay-Z brings out albums and fans get so addictive to them like dope, they have to go out and purchase it. Haha, I thought this song was cool. The song with Mariah Carey, Things That U Do, is a good track as well and makes you wanna sing along. The song S. Carter is also very good. It shows how Jay-Z still maintains his street rep. and remains untouchable from imitators. The hot party/club song is Pop 4 Roc which features Beanie Sigel, Memph Bleek, and Amil. It's really really hot! The current single, Big Pimpin', is also a very good song. The beat in that song makes me laugh because I picture belly dancers whenever I hear the song. "BIG PIMPIN', SPENDIN CHEESE. WE BE.." lol Get this album, you won't be dissappointed unless you live under a rock and do nothing at all...

Sisqo- Unleash The Dragon -- 7.5

Sisqo's solo debut entitled "Unleash The Dragon" is an excellent cd. His exceptional talent as a performer and singer is all displayed in this awesome album. The cd basically speaks for itself! The summer theme, The Thong Song, is probably one of the hottest tracks of the moment. The remix with Foxy Brown, off the Nutty Professor II soundtrack, is currently blazing up the airwaves as we speak. No wonder this cd is at double platinum status. Even his first single Got To Get It was a hit! I love that song because of the techno/chinese-type beat it has. Another hot track off the album is Unleash The Dragon. It has a very moving beat and Sisqo just does his thing on this song. The other songs are basically love songs to get people in the mood and spice things up a bit... haha ya know? So Sexual is a hot track if you are into these kinda love ballad songs. The track Enchantment Passing Through unites the members of Dru Hill. This track is an excellent song, bringing back to the classic Dru Hill style that everyone has seen such as Five Steps. Last but not least, the track You Are Everything Remix is also included in the album. The song features Ja Rule and is a blazin hot track! Check this album out, it's worth the $16.88!

Eminem- Marshall Mathers LP -- 9.5

What more can I say? This guy Marshall is the MAN!! His debut album, The Slim Shady LP, has already gone 3x Platinum and is still maintaining steady sales and is still up there on the charts. However, his second effort is just too good. He sold over a million albums in his first week. After four weeks, he has sold close to 4 million copies of this cd. I mean, this guy is going to be the record holder for sales as a rapper, if he can maintain this pace of record sales. He is already the record holder for first week sales as a solo artist (Britney Spears is the solo female record holder with over a million sold in her first week (not more than Em!), the members of the boy-band N'Sync are the group record holders and total sales record holders with over 2 million sold in their first week.)