Yess sirrr! lol

Name: Sy a/k/a Sy Daddy, Sy Diddy, Sy Diz, Sy Dizzles, Sy Hov, Young Sy, and Santi Sanchez lol
Current Location: New York City (Harlem/Manhattan)
Previous Places I Grew Up: Dhaka (‘84-‘86), London (‘86-‘88), Dallas (‘88), Brooklyn [Flatbush] (‘88-‘95), New Haven (‘95-‘02)
School: Columbia University, Columbia College c/o ‘06
Talents: I sketch and paint well and I play the Saxophone and piano (piano I’m not very good at…actually not good at all ha!)
Hobbies: Loungin around, chillin with all my people, working on my car cuz I'm a car enthusiast, street racing on the low..ha, partying and clubbin with my crew, reading, writing poetry, sports, jetskiing with my peeps whenever we get the chance, quiet nights at the beach, sleeping! and, um, just pretty much trying to live life to the fullest
Favorite Food: Thai food...yum
Favorite Food to cook (yeah I cook mayn!): Steak with sautéed mushrooms
Favorite Drink: Red Hawaiian Punch
Favorite Soda: Orange Soda
Favorite Cereal: Fruit Loops
Favorite Color: White and navy or baby blue
Favorite Recording Artist: The greatest eclectic poet, Tupac Shakur
Favorite Album: There’s many, but I guess the Makaveli and All Eyez On Me albums by Pac, Jay’s Reasonable Doubt and the N.E.R.D.’s In Search Of are three that come to mind at the moment
Favorite Genre to listen to: I’m mostly an R&B/Hip Hop listener, but believe me, I’m not one of those close minded people. I listen to everything for real…from rock to classical to jazz to bachata…Gimme some Norah Jones, Nirvana, John Mayer, Coldplay, Chris Issaks, DMB, or Linkin Park and I'll be good! ha ..but umm, I’m not too fond of that redneck country music, ya feel me partna? Yeehaw
Favorite Movie: Definitely Scarface…then also the whole Friday series by Cube and Face/Off with Travolta and Cage
Favorite Actor: I’m a fool for Pacino and De Niro movies
Favorite Musicals (yeah I’m a Broadway fan, sucka!): Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Lion King and Hair Spray
Favorite sport to watch or play: Basketball
Favorite Athlete: I grew up watching The Legend, #23
Favorite Teams: For Bball, whenever those eras came when I rooted for the Bulls and Wizards, it was cuz I love Jordan. I am a Michael Jordan fan above anything else b/c he was one of my childhood heroes growing up. But team-wise, it's always been the Lakers since Magic was in town, so I can’t front.. In regards to baseball, I grew up a Yankee fan! Chea! For football, I was always a Dallas Cowboy fan…I told you we'd be back!
Favorite Brand of Clothing: I was strictly an Armani Exchange cat for a minute, but I guess I gotta switch up the style a bit… got that Rocawear, Enyce, Sean John, and other things in the arsenal now lol
Favorite Sneakers: Diesels, White Air Force 1s, Air Jordans (u know I have like 20 of them) and something else, but we’ll keep that on the hush for now so cats don’t go out and start bitin the style! Can't be too careful lol.
Favorite Cologne: A&F Woods, Aqua de Gio by Armani, and of course gotta have the Curve.. if any of you cats start smelling like me... mayyyn!
Favorite Perfume For The Ladies: Clinique’s Happy…mmmmm… I love that smell for real, ladies

Ok, there is more to come...stay tuned

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