? Who could be cooler ?

(:than:) A Tribute to=

******************************Rob Schneider, Drew Carey & Jason Muse******************************

these 3 guys define the true meaning of comedy and coolness. i freaking luv these 3 guys. they are like the best, ever. they are so funny and totally cool.i bet they would be so cool to just kick it with. i so wish i knew them or could meet them. did i mention i luv them?

Rob+ stars on SNL and recently was in Duece Bigalow: Male Giggalo. also in: Big Daddy,.....

Jason Muse+ was recently in Dogma. and 1-25-00 was on say what kareoke......

Drew Carey+ has his own show, "The Drew Carey show, and hosts "who's line is it anyways" both shows on ABC.

i dont know everything they've been in, but im sure they will be in much, much more stuff (so look out 4 'em) cuz these guys are gonna make it BIG. they got the stuff.