and the award goes to.....

I would like to say thank you to everyone who helped me get this page going and 4 the very sweet gurlies who let me use their pics, and graphics, and added me to their webrings. Thanx.:)

& Thanx to the following:

definitly thanx to the boys of Orgy, without whom this webpage would have not been inspired, and Rock history would be lacking a great talent, and the world would be a lot less cool wihtout the presense of the 5 sexiest men ALIVE.

& Thank you to Kevin Spacey for just being alive, and the amazing actor he is! and thanx to all my friends, whom i love so very much, Nikita in LA *my city*, Clairey, far in cold Ireland,& Thanx to Traci my BFF, without whom i would, well, just be stupid all by myself!!!

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